๐Ÿ•น️ Levelling Up in Liverpool "The immortal question, The Beatles…or Heavy Nova?" ๐Ÿ•น️ #Retrogaming

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Recently, I was invited by a close friend to accompany him on a trip to Liverpool as he wanted to stay at the Hard Day’s Night hotel, a keen Beatles fan, he was KEEN to fully immerse himself in The Beatles culture that the wonderful city of Liverpool is so (rightly) proud of. 

As the drummer in our band (Recluse, you can have a goosey at www.recluse.bandcamp.com, or see our last music video here - https://youtu.be/7YqRFuOKMOo

He’s teased us into covering Come Together a good few times live and I know he is a huge fan and wanted to take in the sights and sounds of every Beatle-esque within a five mile radius. 
Now, I’m a fan of the Beatles myself… but I also like videogames. And so it was that when my friend, Alex said that he was going to spend two hours on one of the many Beatles Bus trips around the city. 

I knew what had to happen, I was to embark on a brief and solitary gaming odyssey (For the record, Alex isn’t a gamer but my word he loves Syphon Filter, good!). 

A quick perusal of the revealed unto me that there was indeed a bastion of gaming nearby in the guise of ‘Level Up’ and even better, it was only a couple of hundred yards away from our hotel! 
Based on the 1st floor of a market building, level Up instantly gives off a great impression. They have been active in the city for quite a few years, which is always a good sign, although they recently moved premises around a year ago. 

The first part of the store is all about card-based gaming, with boxes of cards ready to be whipped out and purchased, beyond this is a glass wall filled with collectables, games and figures, etc. the main part of the store is then fully dedicated to various games, consoles and a quite impressive selection of comics. 

The final part of the store, in a few boxes at the back contain some remarkably reasonably-priced records.
Level Up feels very ‘indie’ in its setup, there are piles of unpriced games dotted around, light-guns and steering wheels all in boxes, loosely under the tables which gives off a great ‘have a dig and see what gold you can find’ vibe the owner is also really pleasant and kindly gave me some awesome tips for bars and things to do in the area, which was hugely appreciated.
The boxed Mega Drive selection (our main thang) only consisted of a small shelf, but as I collect for pretty much every console, I still managed to pick up a load of bronze (picture attached).
In summary, level Up is about  good prices, really helpful staff and a central, easy to access location. 
Definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the area.
Right, I’m off to try out my new pickups.
Article By Britt

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