🐢🐢 Pang Man Part 34: Cool Collectibles, The Pokémon Terrarium 🐢🐢 #Pokemon

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Last month I went to a retro gaming exhibition in London called Play Expo.
It was a pretty cool event, there were loads of pinball machines, retro consoles, retro arcades (Afterburner, Time Crisis 2, Daytona etc) and even a DeLorean from Back the Future (which you could have a photo with!)
Apart from getting a chance to relive old memories, I was excited to purchase a few gaming collectibles.  

As usual I ended up spending more than my budget but nethertheless I was extremely happy with what I ended up with.
The highlight of which were these amazing Pokémon Terrariums. Each terrarium was shaped like a Pokéball and was made of glass. They had a nice solid weight to them and I felt like I was holding a beautiful  piece of art in my hands
The Terrariums contained a Pokémon surrounded by greenery and water. I loved the level of detail in the scenery, especially the plants and fruits.
When I spoke to the sellers (Patrick’s Art Room), they confirmed each piece was unique and handmade.
I asked them if they sold these online and unfortunately, they only sold these at exhibitions and events, however they do sell a lot of awesome gaming art online (include custom made pieces!) so check them out at:
 https://www.facebook.com/pg/patricksartroom/shop/ or  

Pang Man

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