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If you finally invested in a top of the range VR headset, chances are that you will want to get the most out of your investment. There are different games you can play, and you will be able to enjoy real life adventures without leaving your gaming room. In case you want to get the best experience, here are a couple of types of games you might want to use.  
Fighting Fantasy
Back in the 90s, fighting fantasy books used to be a big thing. Now, in the world of virtual reality, you will be able to experience the same thrill in HD. You will face real quick decisions, just like in a normal action game, and they will have different outcomes. Make sure that you choose the right software and graphics, and the topic that has always fascinated you. Virtual reality gaming has changed significantly in the past few years, and you will need to pick the best of the best.


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If you are a keen footballer or basketball player, you can certainly try one of these games, given that you have the size of room required to play these games. There are plenty of ways you can improve your experience; get a virtual racket for tennis or badminton, or choose your opponents. Most of the games can be played in a multiplayer version, so you can have fun with your friends, even if they are hundreds of miles away, thanks to the internet.
Strategic Games
Strategic games, such as Population: One are popular these days, too. You will be able to create a war strategy, and you will love the great colours and contrast the designers came up with, You can play most of the strategic games on Big Box VR, and become one of the first people to test drive the different levels. Whenever you need an escape from reality and would like to exercise your brain, you can certainly try one of the VR strategic games.
Flight Simulation
In case you would like to improve your coordination, or are looking to become a pilot one day, or simply are seeking challenge, you can try a flight simulation VR game. It is true that you will need specialist equipment for these games, but you will not regret the investment. You will feel like you are in the sky and are facing the same challenges as real live pilots do. You can be navigating a passenger or war planes, too.
Job Simulators
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In case you are looking for a fun way to find out whether or not a job is for you, you might want to invest in a job simulation VR game. Whether you want to be a spy, a stockbroker, or an animal rescuer, and want to know if you have what it takes to do the job, you can test drive the role without having to submit a lengthy application form. You might even find out if your hands are steady enough to become a surgeon.
Animal Role Play
Those who are obsessed with the wildlife and animal kingdom can become their favourite creature for an hour or two. This type of game is fantastic if you are looking to imagine what it is like to be an animal living in the wild. There are plenty of fun games that will provide loads of entertainment, such as Moss, available on PlayStation. Moss is a mouse who wakes up in a magic forest. Find out the rest when playing the game.
Driving Games
If you would like to find yourself in the driving seat of a supercar, you don’t have to hire one. Virtual Reality will create the best experience you can have, without having to worry about accidents and scratches. You will be able to race the car around the circuit when you get Project Cars and enjoy realistic environmental effects. The amazing terrains and the sophistication of the graphics will blow your mind and will cost you less than buying an experience day at the racing track.

The latest VR gaming technology offers multiple types of games, depending on your interests, your headset, and your equipment. You can become anyone and do any job, without having to leave the house. Whenever you are searching for entertainment that helps you clear your mind, you should try one of the above games and have a few hours of fun alone or with your friends. After all, VR has been developing rapidly in the past few years, and it is more real today than ever.

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