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Sisters Royale is a fun fast-paced shooter if you can get past the crazy storyline and somewhat suggestive comments made by the sisters.

It is the first game in 12 years from the team Alfa System, who made Castle of Shikigami III in the Castle of Shikigami series. If you are familiar with the series then from the off Sisters Royal will look and feel familiar, if you compare the two games they look and feel the same. From the vertical scrolling shoot-em-up style and the anime style stills of the characters that tell the story and what a crazy story this one is. 

The story is about five sisters, Sonay, Selma, Ece, Lale and Nur who are all madly in love with the angel Yashin and each one of them wants to marry him. This is where the squabbling begins between the 5 sisters with each of them declaring their love for him.

So begins the fighting. So after fighting your 4 sisters and your own conscience you arrive finally at Yashin your one true love only for him to not even know who you are??

You then challenge him to a fight and if you win you get to marry him. After you defeat him once, his true form of Seytan is revealed and you have to fight him, luckily at the end, your four sisters show up and together you defeat Seytan which then allows you, the victor to marry Yaskhin. Proceed to nice artwork again of the characters on the wedding day with more amusing comments. 

When you start the game you are presented with a choice to make, which out of the 5 heroines do you want to play as?
As you scroll through the characters each sister as their own unique abilities,  they have a main shooting power with some being straight line shooting and others offering a bit more variety with straight-shooting and diagonal shooting. Each sister has a bomb they can use and also a special focus melee attack ability. 
The artwork stills on this game are quality and you can tell a lot of time has gone into these by the artist. The same unfortunately cannot be said for the characters when you are using them in the game and they do not show off the switch capabilities at all.
Instead, it looks more like a Nintendo 64 game. Which is disappointing, to say the least. Visually the game is bright and chaotic with lots happening on screen at once which I liked but the characters and enemies don’t look as good as they could be. If you compare how the stills look compared to the actual gameplay you can’t help but feel somewhat cheated.
"Example of a crazy story but amazing artwork!"
The game has a unique points scoring system that multiplies your points by more, the closer you are to enemies. It is called the Tension Bonus System (TBS). Sisters Royale reminds of games I used to love playing in the arcade as a boy such as 1942 and Aero Fighters also Guerrilla War on DOS.
I used to love how busy and hectic the screens got in 1942 style games and Sisters Royale is no exception. When you have dodged what seems to be one million attacks all at once you get the sense of being unbeatable only to die in the next attack but it doesn’t matter as I never seemed to run out of continues but it does reset your score back to zero. There are three levels of difficulty which increases the mayhem on screen.
"Enemies and characters could have looked so much better!"
The game was great for giving me a little trip down memory lane with how busy it felt and how it played. Unfortunately, this will not be a game I will come back to. I’d rather play the games it reminded me of which is a shame as it could be good especially if they put as much time into the gameplay visuals as they did the still images as they really are great.
The story is also somewhat bizarre but you can get on board with it if you treat it for what it is a light-hearted bit of fun. I did two separate playthroughs with 2 different characters in less than an hour and I really didn’t want to do a third.
I felt like there wasn’t much more left for me to see except a slight variation in the crazy story depending on which sister you picked next.
There is a little more longevity in it via the online ranking system and for £11.69 the game doesn’t exactly break the bank but you’d be better putting your money towards something else.

Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Recommended with reservations, one to consider if you are a fan of the genre)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

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