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Wunderling is a pixel-art puzzle platformer with a deviously casual approach and is well worth your time.
Set in a colourful, 16-bit world, Wunderling casts you as a potato-ish henchman of the land’s ‘evil’ witch, a broomstick-riding little tinker that spreads the gospel of her wickedness through the medium of an anthropomorphic cow with a TV camera strapped to its back, natch.

At the start of your quest – which will take you across many dozens of levels – you are stomped by the hero, Carrot Man, on his way to rescue Princess Pea (any similarities to existing video game characters are purely coincidental) and brought back to life by the witch and told to stop Carrot Man at all costs, thus your adventure begins.
Although the tutorial level (in which you play as Carrot Man) is presented as a standard 16-bit platform game, the main story in which you play as the titular character is more of a puzzle game, mainly due to the fact that you can’t stop walking forwards. Much as in DMA Design’s Lemmings, your little fella will boldly march/fly/jump forwards undeterred by such piffling trifles as deep water, huge drops or dangerously pointy rocks.

The game is controlled mostly by a single jump button as well as a couple of others that come into play later on such as wings and a boost for larger leaps and you’ll need your timing and planning to be spot on if you want to 100% each stage. 
As you make your way through the levels, you collect seeds which not only act as a guide as to where you need to head next but keep your life bar topped up, if you don’t pick up seeds for a few seconds, you’ll quickly expire due to the draining magic that keeps you alive, there’s almost an element of Bombjack to the proceedings in this regard.
Whilst the game moves forward as soon as you traverse a level and reach the portal that marks the end, bringing you ever close to that orange fool Carrot Man, there are secrets scattered around such as locked chests that require some seriously tricky thinking in order to obtain. Once you do, however, not only is the level fully completed but you unlock extra clothing and items to customise your character, a nice touch that adds extra flavour to the game.
There’s a lot to love about Wunderling, not least of all the jaunty music that acts as the soundtrack to your adventure and the bright and cartoonish visuals that make the game so visually appealing.

What begins as an almost casual experience ramps up cheekily to provide a real challenge to your reflexes, each newly implemented obstacle and action keeping the game feeling fresh and enjoyable. 
A really well-polished single-player platform puzzler that is as fiendish as it is cute, Wunderling is a game I will be definitely be coming back to, I WILL DEFEAT YOU, CARROT MAN!


Ratings Explained
ICE COOL (Great Game Recommended)
MELTING (Recommended with reservations, one to consider if you are a fan of the genre)
MELTED (Not A Recommended Purchase)

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