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I’ve been a fan of Paco Rabanne’s scents for quite a while now. From not being able to wear the divine Ultraviolet due to the age-old problem of too many people in my circle of friends also wearing it through to a moment about six years ago when I first came across their eau de toilette ‘Paco’ whilst waiting for a flight to Paris and was told off by my now-fiancรฉe to ‘stop smelling my fists, it looks weird’ (I had tried a few scents out in the airport and my knuckles were the only free spot left on my hands/arms for Paco, and it was an addictive smell!).

Whilst it seems unusual to be covering a fragrance on Games Freezer, there IS a connection to gaming – well, two actually – and so I get to talk about the newest Paco Rabanne fragrance, Phantom.

(From the Paco Rabanne press release)

Step into the Paco Galaxy and join an intergalactic party where everyone is invited. Where you can be whoever you want to be. No matter who you are. No matter which planet you come from. 

The most feel-good fragrance ever. A futuristic aromatic scent matching an energizing green flash of lemon with an addictive creamy lavender.

The first fragrance created by boosting human creativity with artificial intelligence.

The most disruptive piece of design ever in the industry and the first connected fragrance. Tap your phone on top of your bottle and meet your new wingman.

A bold invitation to step outside the ordinary and celebrate life. The perfect embodiment of the motto #daretobedifferent… 1000% feel-good. 1000% Paco Rabanne.


Radically different. Totally disruptive. Intensely covetable. Utterly Paco Rabanne. The PHANTOM bottle is an exhilarating, retro-futurist piece of visionary design. 

Never seen before in the world of perfumery, Paco Rabanne’s fabulously collectable creation is sure to become an instant icon. 

But that shiny silver robot-shaped bottle is more than that. It’s also the first connected bottle, turning that shiny silver robot into your wingman, your host and guide into the Paco Galaxy, designed to help you dare to be different.

This is how it’s done: a contactless communication NFC chip is embedded in the spray caps of the 100 ml and 150 ml bottles. Just touch PHANTOM’s head with your smartphone. That’s it! You’re connected to the PHANTOM universe, featuring exclusive contents curated by Paco Rabanne: interactive filters, personalized playlists, augmented reality, interactive games and more.

Year-round, PHANTOM has got your back. Between PHANTOM and you, it’s the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. Spray on! It’s time to go out and join the intergalactic party!

From the above, you can see the first gaming connection – by tapping your smartphone to the robotic bonce of Phantom, you are taken to a site wherein you have access to an ever-growing list of filters, games, augmented reality features and the like.

The second gaming link comes from Maximum Games’ Curved Space in which the Phantom robot is featured as a controllable companion – giving me definite Astrobot vibes.

The fragrance itself is really saucy. Over the past week that I’ve been wearing it daily, there have been a lot of positive compliments received and it lasts well into the evening without being overpowering to the wearer.

I find it a smokier and muskier scent to Paco; it strikes me as something closer to Ultraviolet – a great evening fragrance as it has that punchiness and character that puts you in a good-time mood with an edge of sultriness.

I’m also a fan of the bottle, with the little chrome ‘bot cutting a cool silhouette on my aftershave shelf, certainly standing out from other more standard fare and, as my eight-month-old son is having his room decorated in a space theme, I reckon that – when the bottle is empty, of course – the Phantom robot will be featured on a high shelf in all his chrome, spacey glory!

Whilst I’m not the target demographic for the social media filters and the like that are accessible through Phantom’s connectivity, I’m certainly on board with the fact that this is another winning fragrance from Paco Rabanne that will certainly be getting re-purchased and replenished – as well as being stored in the coolest bottle I’ve come across yet.

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