Big Savings on The Latest Desktop PC Speakers from Trust πŸ”Š πŸ”Š @TrustGaming #TrustGaming

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Here are some fantastic new speakers from Trust Gaming that are designed specifically for enhancing users’ desk setups.


Some of the speakers below are currently selling at a discounted rate (with some almost half-price!), so they make the perfect addition to any gaming tech received over Christmas! 

For those wanting to enhance their gaming kit at an affordable price point, Trust has a selection of high-quality speakers below.

Trust Gaming GXT 611 Wezz PC Speakers 2.0 with RGB Lighting, 12W (6W RMS), LED Lights, Volume Control, AUX and USB Cable, Stereo Computer Speakers for Gaming Setup, Desktop, Laptop – Black, available from Amazon UK for £34.99

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AUDIO, YEAH – Level up your games, movies, and music with 12W peak power (6W RMS) that will create an immersive entertainment experience.


RGB COOL – Elevate your setup with RGB LED lighting, featuring different light modes that react to your music.


CONTROL FREAK – An easy-to-reach wired knob lets you conveniently control power, volume, and lights.


ALL UP IN YOUR GRILLE – Front metal grilles provide extra protection and durability – and make you look tough. You're tough, right?


NO SETUP NECESSARY – Don't worry about a wall socket – just plug in via the included USB cable and start listening.


Trust Gaming GXT 619 Thorne RGB Illuminated Soundbar, PC Speakers, 12W Peak Power, 3.5 mm Jack, USB Powered – RRP £42.99 – NOW just £22.99 on Amazon

GXT 619 Thorne RGB Illuminated Soundbar-Visual


Enjoy good-quality stereo sound at 12W peak power (6W RMS) with the GXT619 Thorne soundbar – ready and waiting to take your entertainment to the next level.

LIVE CLUT­TER-FREE: A space-saving design enables the soundbar to be easily placed under your monitor, freeing up your desk for other items or accessories.

No setup necessary


The included USB power and auxiliary cables are all you need to plug in and play – no setup (or wall plug) necessary.


Go bright: RGB lighting in 6 different modes allows you to create a vibe-worthy audio-visual setup perfect for movies, music, gaming – whatever.


Trust Gaming GXT 609 Zoxa 2.0 PC Speakers, 12 W Peak Power, RGB Illuminated Speaker Set, USB Powered Sound System, 3.5 mm Aux, Volume Control, Stereo Computer Speakers for Desktop and Laptop – Black, available from Amazon UK NOW FOR £23.99 RRP £26.99 (11% OFF)

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SOUNDS GREAT – Full stereo sound (12W peak power) gives your setup a booming audio boost – whether you're gaming, watching movies, or listening to your favourite music.


SEE THE SOUND – RGB lighting with 6 colour modes provides a lively audiovisual experience to any media setup.


LET'S GET MINIMAL – A minimalist design looks sleek and slim, yet provides sound big enough to shake things up.


CONTROL FREAK – Easily reachable controls ensure your audio is as loud, quiet, or otherwise tuned to your liking.


PLUG AND PLAY – Simply and quickly connect the USB cable and start listening– no setup necessary.

Trust Gaming GXT 38 Tytan 2.1 PC Speakers with Wooden Subwoofer, 120W (60W RMS), UK Plug, Wired Volume Control, Sound System for Computer, Laptop, TV, Smartphone, Console - Black/Red, available from Amazon UK NOW FOR £71.99 RRP £79.99 (10% OFF)

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GET LOUD – Take your audio experience up a notch with 120W peak power (60W RMS) – adding depth to your movies, music, and games.


GO BOOM – A wooden, 7-inch subwoofer with an integrated control panel produces heart-pumping bass that just might wake the neighbours.


IN CONTROL – A wired volume control with extra headphones and line-in connections lets you listen exactly how you like.


ALL ABOUT COMPATIBILITY – Connect to PC, laptops, smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles – it's up to you.


YOU'RE SMART – Smart power management automatically puts the speaker set into standby mode when not in use.

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