Sociable Soccer 24 | Nintendo Switch Review 7/10 "Sociable Soccer 24 isn't a serious soccer sim—it's a joyful, pixelated carnival ride." ⚽️ @Sociable_Soccer #IndieGame #GameDev

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Sociable Soccer 24 Nintendo Switch Review
Ah, Sociable Soccer 24, the game that struts onto the pitch with all the subtlety of a neon-clad goalkeeper doing the running man. 

Developed by Tower Studios, this is a wild carnival ride aiming to bring back the golden era of 90s footie gaming by lacing up those oversized boots, grabbing a nearby rattle and diving into the soccer fuelled chaos.

The gameplay loop in Sociable Soccer 24 is like a sugar rush after a 500ml can of Virgin Cola. It's fast, frantic, and utterly addictive. The controls are as simple as a two-button pass, but don't let that fool you. The game rewards timing and positioning with a dash of sheer luck. Once you get used to the passing mechanic you'll find yourself chaining passes together and scoring screamers with the glee of a kid who just discovered a hidden stash of cola cubes. It's like the '90s arcade soccer games never left us—only now, they've got a fresh coat of neon paint.

When you score, the game erupts into a pixelated fiesta. Players cartwheel, moonwalk, and even breakdance. It's like a discotheque invaded the penalty box. I half-expected a pixelated MC HAMMER to strut in with baggy trousers and point at the goal.

Now, here's the secret sauce: crank up the difficulty. The lower levels are as challenging as a Sunday kick about with your nan. But slide that difficulty slider to the right, and suddenly, you're facing AI opponents who channel their inner Messi. It's like playing chess against a caffeinated octopus. Trust me, it's where the real magic and challenge happens.

I love a good stat. But unfortunately Sociable Soccer 24 doesn’t give me much to work with. I’d like to see some player ratings, top scorer charts, league tables, heat maps, and a breakdown of my striker's biscuit consumption during halftime. 

The refs in this game are like a box of chocolates—you never know what you're gonna get. One moment, they're waving play on as your defender performs a flying karate kick. The next, they're brandishing a red card because your goalie sneezed. Consistency? Nah, we're too busy breakdancing.

I appreciate the retro vibe, but I need more than one stadium type. It's like playing every match at Loftus Road. Give me a stadium with a giant kop at one end and some open corners, and I'll be happy.


Sociable Soccer 24 isn't a serious soccer sim—it's a joyful, pixelated carnival ride. It's the spiritual cousin of Sensible Soccer, high-fiving it across the decades. 

It’s also impressive how much this game has come along since I played it in its first incarnation a few years back.

So grab your joystick (yes, I said joystick), crank up the difficulty, and let the nostalgia wash over you. Just remember: stats are for nerds, celebrations are for legends, and the '90s never really left us.

Sociable Soccer 24 Nintendo Switch Review


This review was written while wearing oversized sunglasses and listening to "Wonderwall" by oasis.

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