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A bit of personal background before I dive into this article. 

I’ve been aware of the health benefits of compression socks and blue light blocking eyewear for a little while now, for two different reasons – in terms of compression socks, several years ago I had a minor health complaint that resulted in my doctor telling me that the situation would improve if I wore compression socks – the issue was partially linked to my job, which – being office-based – meant that it was a pretty sedentary affair for 7 hours of every day. 

I baulked at the thought of compression socks, as from my understanding they were flesh-coloured, and mainly for the elderly. I couldn’t imagine dropping my jockeys in front of my fiancee whilst partially dressed as Mrs Doubtfire, it seemed a recipe to fizzle out our future romantic encounters. And so, I pushed the idea away and mosied on.

Where does that health issue stand now, several years later, after doing nothing?

Marginally worse, unsurprisingly.


⚡️ NeonLore Xbox Series X Review 5/10 "A cyber library" ⚡️@playstige #IndieGame #IndieGameDev

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NeonLore has quite an interesting premise - more an interactive short story collection than a game per se, the hour or so you’ll spend drenched in neon sees your character walking around several blocks of a futuristic dystopian city, reading snippets of various characters’ lives, solving the occasional puzzle, and listening to audio stories.

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