👴☢ Arthur Parallax Reviews…..Fallout 76 👴☢ #Fallout76

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When I was spending hundreds of hours combined making my way through the irradiated wastes offered to me in the previous Fallout games (the first two games, or if you like, ‘the best ones’, included) you know what I wished for, each step of the way?


🖳💣 Anonymous Game Dev's Story: "Hard Work & Review Bombing" 💣🖳 #GameDev #IndieGames

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Dark Blue Monkey talks with an Indie Team about their experience of going through Kickstarter, being a boss, releasing on Steam, and why they’ll never ever do it again.

Our guest today went through the full Indie Dev experience;  working full time, doing a Kickstarter campaign, hiring a developer, and then finally releasing onto Steam.   

While this may seem like the ultimate dream for most of us, unfortunately for the team the experience proved to be far from the utopia we imagine it to be. Just as their project reached fruition,  they fell victim to the now infamous review bombing while the game was still in early release, still at launch price.

Trying to do the right thing, they tried to sidestep the clunkiness of Steam’s forums and help players directly who were having problems by giving them access to Skype and email.  This resulted in mounting numbers of unpleasant messages following them into the real world. For this reason, they’ve chosen to share their experience anonymously.

This is a tale of caution, and hopefully will help any aspiring indie developers to avoid the same pitfalls.


🖳 The Ultimate Guide To Connecting With Your Pals Online 🖳

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You’ve done it. You’ve purchased a new gaming PC. You’ve purchased a few Steam games. You have free time all set out, and you’re ready to push forward to enjoy a wealth of video gaming experiences that truly matter, and can fill your weekends with recreational fun. But only one question remains - you’re not sure how to actually play with your friends. Hey, you’re new to this, you can be forgiven.


💰🎄 4 Ways To Make A Little Extra Christmas Money From Gaming 🎄💰

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The festive season will soon be upon us and most of us are woefully unprepared for the seasonal spend-a-thon that seems to cut deeper and deeper into our carefully managed budgets every year. What’s a gamer to do in the face of such impending expense? 

Put in a few more hours at work? Ugh! Even if you’re lucky enough to have a job in which overtime is readily available, you don’t want to spend any longer in that place than you have to. 

Perhaps a side hustle then? You’re always hearing about how people are making money in the digital realm but how? If only there were some way you could monetize your passion for gaming. 

But wait! There are ways in which you can do exactly that! If you’re hoping to make some extra bank over the festive period, what about…


💥🔫 Review: Dimension Drifter (Early Access) "This is no walking simulator, this is a very fast paced shoot-em-up!" 💥🔫 #GameDev #IndieGames

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Dimension Drifter (Early Access)
Developer: Blue Eagle Productions/Paul Schneider
Platform: PC - Steam
Rating: Melting
Review by: Gareth ‘GazChap’ Griffiths (gazchap@gmail.com)
When the chaps over at Games Freezer asked me to review Dimension Drifter, naturally the first thing that I did was check out the game’s Steam Store page to see what I was letting myself in for.
My first impression, from the basic screenshots on the page, was that this was a game like Unreal Tournament and that I would be rocket jumping around the place gibbing people left, right and centre. I was wrong.