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West Hunt Nintendo Switch Review
There are plenty of online games out there for you to have fun -both solo or with multiple people -and I think with some many porting to handheld devices, you might get a bit flustered about which ones to choose from. Hopefully, after you see this review of West Hunt on the Nintendo Switch, you might have a clearer mind in terms of what you may choose.This is a thrilling multiplayer deduction game where players take on the roles of either the Sheriff or the bandits. The sheriff must carefully observe the actions of the bandits and use the hints provided to identify their targets. 

Meanwhile, the bandits must try to accomplish their objectives without getting caught, while also being mindful of their notoriety level. The game offers a full map for the bandits to navigate and four unique abilities to aid in their escape. However, if the sheriff incorrectly identifies a bandit as their target, the game is over. With careful strategy and observation, this game offers a challenging experience for all players.
West Hunt Nintendo Switch Review
The game only offers 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 modes. I found playing with more players or adding

bots to be more enjoyable. When I played solo, it was less entertaining than it would have been with a friend. However, if you can gather enough people to play a custom game, I highly recommend it. You can adjust the options for abilities, like giving the sheriff extra lives if they mistakenly shoot the wrong person. Throughout my time playing, I made this mistake several times. Additionally, playing with friends adds humour and misdirection, which makes the game more enjoyable.

Besides the premise of the game being very simple, the pace of each session is slow, and the very slow movement leads me to another point – the movement comes off as a bit janky, I just wish it was a bit smoother when wandering around the town.
West Hunt Nintendo Switch Review
The game has a levelling-up system that rewards you with cosmetic items such as skins. These items do not impact your in-game abilities, and you can also forge these items using materials earned from playing the game.

The game's settings are relatively minimal, allowing you to change the graphics from medium to high, as well as the language, sounds, and controls.

Although the graphics and movement of the game may not be the most polished, its simplicity and clear objectives make it easy for everyone. 

However, I believe that West Hunt is best played with friends or family in custom games rather than playing online solo. Playing solo for extended periods can become monotonous. 
West Hunt Nintendo Switch Review
Hopefully, with updates and possible add-ons, the game may improve, but for now, I would have to rate it a 6/10.

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