BIGBIG WON Launches the Gale Wireless Controller, Packed with High-Performance Features at an Affordable Price ๐ŸŽฎ @bigbigwonJP

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Featuring Motion aiming, Hall-effect trigger, 4 custom buttons, 

12-bit ADC and 2000 levels Axis-Resolution

BIGBIG WON, a pioneer in gaming accessories, today announces the release of its Gale Wireless Gaming Controller. This state-of-the art controller is designed to elevate the gaming experience to unprecedented heights with a range of high-end features despite its affordable pricing. It also supports multiple platforms including Windows PC, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. This versatile controller boasts an array of advanced features that cater to the needs of both hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike.  

The Gale is available in two colour options (black or white) for RRP £49.99 from Amazon UK and $39.99 on Amazon. It is also available as a combo with a charging dock for RRP £59.99 on Amazon UK and $59.99 on Amazon.

The Gale excels in its advanced features designed to provide a competitive edge for gamers. The BIGBIG WON ‘Elite’ App allows real-time adjustments for motion control, joystick, trigger, buttons and Macro settings. The RGB lighting effects can also be personalized through the app, which enhances the gaming experience according to the user’s preference. It also features 2 back buttons and 2 additional top buttons, which can be remapped as required. Additionally, Dual Motor Vibration is built-in, which has 256 adjustable intensity levels, helping to make the gaming experience even more immersive. Interchangeable thumb-sticks and D-Pad are even included, which can be swapped for each game genre to help gain an advantage over other players.

The Gale also includes ‘GYROCON+’ technology, delivering an unparalleled motion aiming experience for PC gamers. With a 0 dead-zone joystick for accurate aiming, 12-bit, 2000+ axis resolution joystick, the controller guarantees smooth and responsive gameplay. The Hall-effect trigger further enhances precision, offering gamers optimal control for different gaming genres. Whether it’s steadying an aim on a sniper rifle in the latest FPS, or going for 1st position in a racing sim, the Gale is the ideal precision tool.

The Gale is a high-performance controller, designed for seamless compatibility with some of the most popular gaming platforms such as Windows PC, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch – eliminating the need for additional drivers. It introduces an array of features that elevate the gaming experience to new heights, including 1000Hz ultra-high polling rate (perfect for FPS and e-sports Games), a 6-Axis Gyro (125Hz wireless), 4x remappable buttons, App customisation, Vibration and Turbo controls.

With its unique feature set, the Gale Gamepad supports three connectivity options, ensuring seamless compatibility across multiple platforms. Whether the precision of a wired connection is preferred by using the included Type-C cable, the freedom of wireless gaming via Bluetooth, or the reliability of the included USB adapter, the Gale Gamepad delivers unparalleled flexibility.

There is also a 1000mAh rechargeable battery built-in to the gamepad, designed to provide extended gaming sessions without interruption. With its efficient power management, this battery is capable of delivering up to 10 hours of continuous gameplay on a single full charge. Users of the Gale can immerse themselves in intense battles or explore vast virtual worlds whilst enjoying uninterrupted entertainment.

Manufactured with precision and innovation in mind, the controller also features an anti-slip textured surface, and is available in two colour options, providing a sleek and ergonomic design for comfortable gaming sessions.

Take the gaming experience to the next level with the BIGBIG WON Gale – “The Gate of Legend”

The Gale is available in two colour options (black or white) for RRP £49.99 from Amazon UK and $39.99 on Amazon. It is also available as a combo with a charging dock for RRP £59.99 on Amazon UK and $59.99 on Amazon.

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