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Here's a book for those who L♡VE learning about the history of gaming and home computers like we do.


Games writer Dan Whitehead has published a C☆☆L book called Speccy Nation: A Tribute to the Golden Age of British Gaming. 

It covers the beautiful and almighty  ZX Spectrum home computer. 

Dan Whitehead takes a good look at 50 of the best and obscure ZX Spectrum games that contributed to the DNA of 'The Speccy' through the golden age of UK home gaming and bedroom coders.

The Speccy ended up with a software library of over 24,000 titles!
The Speccy was ahead of its time with a wide range of software that included programming tools, word processors, spreadsheet programs, drawing and art programs, It was the workhorse all rounder personal computer of its time.
Such is the love of the Speccy to this day, the creation of new Spectrum titles by devoted fans continues!
The game devs of the Speccy era are the stars of their day who worked with resources that were extremely limited by modern game devs standards. 
The first Speccy released in 1982 were available in two models, one with 16 Kilobytes of RAM!!
Then came the next advanced model which meant you had access to an eye watering 48 kB of RAM!!
If you want to see how the Speccy changed the face of home computers for a nation and a generation then we suggest you grab a copy pronto.

Let us know how you got on with Speccy Nation, was it a good read?

We'd Love to know your fave Gaming or Computing related reads so as we can feature your faves in future Games Freezer articles!

Richard - Reporting From The GamesFreezer Library

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