☆Competition☆ - "Would You Like Your Very Own F1 Team Name In An F1 Video Game?"

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How Would You Like To Help Out An Indie Game Developer and get your creation Iimmortalized in beautiful Pixels forever!?

What Will Your Team Name Be?

Do you think you could come up with an alternative name for an existing F1 Team that the guys at Pixel F1 could use in their upcoming F1 Video Game?

If your F1 Team Name is considered to be inventive enough it will make it into the final game! 

☆Due Out near the end of 2013☆

How To Enter:

  • Take a look at the Pixel F1 cars in the pic attached to this post.

  • Concentrate on the F1 cars which have question marks against them.

  • The Teams That Need Alternative Names are:

- Williams

- Caterham

- Sauber

- Marussia

  • Try and come up with an alternative team name that incorporates a subtle reference to the real team name.

  • ☆Look at the already completed Team Names for inspiration☆

  • Go to the comments section of this post and enter the F1 Team Team Name you have thought of.

The guys at Pixel F1 will decide the winners

Closing date for entries will be 23/08/13

What have you got to lose?

Good Luck and May The F1 Be With You!

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