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I often have retrogaming day dreams about how to turn my retrogaming passion into a viable career (these usually occur in the shower, on the toilet and on the commute into work)
I have thousands of ideas on the subject and would love to be able to do all of them but there is one idea that sticks with me which I think would greatly benefit the retrogaming community……..

I present to you my vision for The Games Freezer Retro Gaming Experience…..

A place to relive your childhood.

A place to play retro video games and arcade games with like minded people

While you're there why not buy some retrogaming goodies as well as retro sweets & drinks from the golden era of video games.

A place for all gamers to unite and experience video game's past and present video games culture.

Do you remember the glory years of the video games arcade in the 80’s?

Did you own a SEGA or a Nintendo in the 90’s?

The Games Freezer store recreates the golden moments from your childhood when you visited the video games arcade or video games store and fed your pocket money into the latest arcade or console release.

It's a unique place for all gamers to come together and relive the halcyon days of video gaming.

The Games Freezer will contain a dedicated zone with retro gaming arcade cabinets and retro video games consoles.

You will pay a fee to enter this zone and will be able to play any of the machines on offer for free and for as long as you like. 

Games Freezer will contain another zone to purchase retrogaming goodies such as the latest retrogaming emulation machines, original hardware or retro gaming collectibles.

Alongside all this retrogaming goodness will be the opportunity to buy unique video games related artwork from independent artists from all over the world (think +anthony bulcao )

The nostalgic atmosphere is completed with a brilliant 80’s and 90’s soundtrack and cool video gaming decor.

What would you get up to in The Games Freezer?

For the last 3 years I have worked tirelessly build a set of like minded followers for my retrogaming blog www.gamesfreezer.eu .

Games Freezer is now considered an important place to visit when looking for a retrogaming internet fix and I have grown my followers to a respectable 5000 Twitter followers of like minded gamers. 

Through discussions within the retrogaming social network I have identified a need and a hunger for a physical space to exist which allows the UK retrogaming community to meet up, play games and swap stories. 

The super friendly retrogaming community is a collaborative and passionate group of gamers who are often seen discussing the finer points of video games rather than resorting to the often seen 'turf wars' of the current generation of video gamers. 

I would love to serve this community with the destination it deserves on the high streets of the big cities in the UK.

What Do You Think Of My Vision?
Do you like the idea of a dedicated place on the high street to meet up with like minded retro gamers in order to play consoles and arcades in a cool retrogaming atmosphere?

If you do like this idea, then YOU could help Games Freezer become a reality just by voting for my vision on the Virgin Pitch To Rich website below:

VOTE @ virginmediabusiness.co.uk/GamesFreezer

With YOUR help we could create a truly special and unique place for all gamers to enjoy!

Thanks For Reading.....

Richard Reporting From The Freezer....

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