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A few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to dig out my complete collection of Super Play Magazines as I just adore the Wil Overton covers and the magazines themselves are up there with the Mean Machines of this world.

I have kept them in near pristine condition by storing them in a large wooden trunk for the last 5 years and getting to them isn't easy as there are a whole host of other video games magazines in that box all vying for space and my attention!

My idea was that if I place them all together and take a cool picture it would create some kind of Super Play yellow brick road made up of a collage of Wil Overton's mega cool artwork....

Once I was elbow deep in magazines I started to come across Super Play magazines one by one.....

I was piecing together the story of my teenage years as I used to bury my head in Super Play and Mean Machines until the following months issue would come out.

These magazines are a part of me and I have always resisted the urge to sell them because I see them as my buddys from back in the day. My wife tells me to sell them to make space but I flatly refuse. 

I thought about selling them to get some money together to buy more retrogaming hardware, but there is just no way I can get rid of any of my Super Plays (or Mean Machines for that matter)

As I delved into the box like a pearl diver looking for my next in line I kept coming across beautiful issue after beautiful issue and i'd take a moment to look at the artwork before I dived in again!

It must have taken me a good 20 minutes to get the last Super Play out of the box.......now it was time to build my yellow brick road....

I cleared a nice space in the front room and eagerly started to piece together Super Play after Super Play, starting with my beloved Issue 1 with original pin badge still intact (I have two issue number 1's due to water damage, never leave your beloved Super Play collection in your mum n dad's loft)

This was a great game and took longer than I first thought due to the fact that I kept getting way laid by the great art and cool features in every issue of SP.

Finally I had finished my masterpiece! There before me sat a sweeping embodiment of the colourful and fun filled world of Super Nin...........Hang On!!! Where's Issue 47,43 and 11 gone?????

Then I frantically looked in the wooden box for those 3 missing issues but alas it was to no avail...they were lost to the great magazine thief in the sky..........

Downhearted but not beaten I took to good old eBay am now stalking every seller of retro video games mags in order to nab myself the holy grail of a complete set of Super Plays.......

At least i've got my cool picture to remind me why i'm obsessing over these wonderful magazines :)

Super Play, Retrogaming, Wil Overton, Super Nintendo
Follow The Super Play Road!

Retrogaming, Super Play, Super Nintendo, Wil Overton

Next Up : Mean Machines

Until Then Watch Out For The GREAT MAGAZINE THIEF IN THE SKY!! He's Gonna Get YA!

Have You Got A Full Set Of Super Plays?

Maybe YOU Have The Missing Issues I Need?

Let Me Know URGENTLY If YOU Do And You Fancy Helping Out A Fellow Retro Gamer!!!!

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