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Scouring the web for Video Gaming delicacies is one of my favourite past times.

Reddit and Google are my friends....

I have now served up a luscious set of links just for you that will hopefully give you a video games starter, mains and dessert.

Take a look at this smorgasbord of video gaming goodness with a retro gaming flavour and let me know if you enjoy the feast
1. The Top 100 Your Sinclair ZX Spectrum Games

2. Someone Please Make This Super Nintendo Game A Reality

3. Ecco The Dolphin Unpublished Sequel

4. DEX Is On It's Way

5. The Bright Future Of Arcade Games

6. The Hyperkin Smart Boy Is Coming!

7. Camp Sunshine "A Super Nintendo Like Slasher Game"

8. Ten Of The Best SEGA Genesis Games That Deserve A Reboot

9. Star In your Very Own Retro Video Game

10. Top Ten Video Games With The Best Endings Of All Time

Enjoy This Succulent Mouthful Of Gaming Goodness And Be Sure To Come Back To Games Freezer When You Are Hungry For More!

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"

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