๐Ÿ•น️๐Ÿšข The Daring Story Of Arcade Cabinets Saved From A Watery Grave! ๐Ÿ•น️๐Ÿšข #Arcade #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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There's an Arcade Game story that I saw recently that I just had to share with you all.

It's a story of boats, arcade games and daring rescues!

Sounds interesting, doesn't it?!

Want to know more? 

Read On...
So the story goes something like this...

The Duke Of Lancaster cruise liner ship was a ship that had led many lives. It had been originally a passenger ship and was eventually converted to become a ferry ship to house passengers and cars. This magnificent ship ran its last voyage back in 1978 and was bought with the intention of creating a "Fun Ship" full of entertainment in North Wales

As part of the entertainment, a whole host of arcade cabinets were housed in the Fun Ship and it had its own arcade deck which had a sea of over 50 arcade cabinets.

In 1979 the ship opened for business and all was well as people enjoyed this attraction that was different from anything else they had ever seen.

Then the council got involved and battled with the owners to close the ship down as it was felt infringed on local businesses. Eventually, the council won the battle and the ship was closed down for good.

With its closure, the ship was sealed and its bounty of arcade games was locked away for good. 

Just left to their own devices and no one to play with.

Fast forward 37 YEARS and these arcade games have finally been discovered again and RESCUED!!!

It's at this point you need to head over to an awesome blog called The Arcade Blogger to get the full story on this amazing feat that really captured my retrogaming imagination.

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