☆ Pang Man Part 16 – Cool Video Games Places: "The Star Club!" (A Super Mario Themed Bar!) ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Pang Man is BACK and this time he's been on his travels to Japan!

Our roving reporter has sampled some video gaming delights from the land of the rising sun and is about to share these with all our lucky readers.....

Now let's head off to The Star Club with Pang Man!

"When my wife was planning our trip abroad, she asked me where I wanted to go. Now usually I let her do all the research and I just turn up and enjoy. (I know I’m very lazy!) However, on this occasion I took much more of an interest, as we were going back to the gaming mecca itself; Japan!

In typical fashion, all the places I wanted to go were related to video games, so I did a bit of reading and made a list of some places that were worth seeing.

Now unfortunately, the Tokyo Game Show was a couple of months before, so sadly I missed that, but I still managed to go to some awesome places.

The 1st of which was a Super Mario themed bar in Tokyo called “Star Club”. 
(The address is 3-11-1 Shinjuku | Takasu Bldg 2F, Shinjuku 160-0022)

I knew I had to go, I mean, after all, it combined two of the world’s greatest pastimes; Drinking and Gaming! 

So on Day 1 I made my way on the Tokyo Metro (similar to the Tube but without delays or signal failures) to Shinjuku station.

Once there, I relied on Google maps to get me to the correct vicinity. On the street itself, I couldn’t seem to see anything obvious that looked gaming related and I was just about to ask directions from the locals when I spotted a welcoming sight

So I knew I had found it! I climbed up the stairs and opened the door with great anticipation. Once inside I found myself in a small and cosy dimly lit bar with lots of Super Mario inspired collectables and decorations. Upon entering the first thing that caught my eye was a Pac-man ghost luminous light and a Boo (ghost) from Mario.

On the walls were Super Mario t-shirts and a poster from that terrible Mario movie starring Bob Hoskins. (Although admittedly I did quite like the song by Roxette from the film itself)

The focal point of the Bar were some awesome looking Green Pipe lights with Piranha Plants inside. 

The Bar itself was full of Mario related Bits and Bobs. And the new Famicon Mini (Japanese NES) was set up for play

The Bar chairs were in alternate Green and Red colours to match the Mario and Luigi colours.

A sofa in the corner has Super Mario plush cushions and soft toys.

A Cover charge of 500 Yen (Around £4) was payable to take a seat. Luckily I arrived just after opening time (8pm ish) so it wasn’t too packed and a few seats were free. Having paid the Cover Charge, I thought I may as well sample a few drinks (for research purposes of course!)

I asked for the drinks menu and was pleasantly surprised that there were some Super Mario themed cocktails available. They were priced at 800 yen (around £6.50) and I opted for the 1 UP which was extremely refreshing.

I also ordered the Cute Peach which came with a Mario moustache stirrer.

The staff spoke little English but were friendly and welcoming. After the 2nd drink it was sadly time to depart, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to play any retro games on the big screen but would definitely like to go again someday.

It was definitely a unique and cool little bar, and a must see for any Nintendo fans."

Looks Great Doesn't It!

One Day I'll Head Over To Japan And Sample Some Video Games Sights & Delights!

What's Your Fave Video Game Bar In All The World?

Let Me Know In the Comments Box Below.....

"Stay Frosty Freezer Followers"


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