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The Votes Have Been Cast & The Results Are In!

The Inaugural Games Freezer Ice Cool Video Games Awards Of The Year Event is HERE!

We have 5 categories of award which have a varied range of winners to announce, from Indie to AAA game winners.

4 of our categories have been voted on by our trusty Games Freezer Reviewer team which consists of Britt, Ben, Tim, Wilds and Rich and between all of our reviewers we have reviewed over 140 games in 2017 and counting!!

Our Final category was voted on by our Freezer Followers who took part in a Twitter Poll to name their favourite video game of 2017 from an all-star list 4 that was made up of the games that our Freezer Followers voted for inclusion the most.

We think that this Game Of The Year Awards approach will give you a nice spread of genres and game sizes to fit all tastes and hopefully help you to find some hidden gems along with confirming what you already know about some of these games from 2017!

As a follow up to the awards we'll be sending each dev team their very own Ice Cool Award to display in their office (or use as a coaster)

So that's the intros out the way, "let's get this road on the show and start the fans please!"

Our First Category Of Award Is...

Best Single Player Game 2017

"1P Freezer Award"

The Winners Are...

Game NameCommentsVoters Name
A Hat in Time"Had me grinning from start to finish. No game has given me that feeling since Halo 3: ODST. If that's not a good enough metric by which to rate a game, I don't know what is. (side note: am I allowed to pick the same game twice?)"Tim
West of Loathing"Very few games have made me laugh out loud. Monkey Island, Lego City Undercover...and West of Loathing. I INHALED this game, it was funny, fun and charming. First game in a long while that I was genuinely upset that I'd completed as I could have stayed in that little stick world forever."Britt
Super Mario Odyssey"Living up to the title, this is a fantastic journey that provided an exciting array of sights and sounds that came together with new mechanics to show what a truly evolved entry into a classic series could be, from a company that still knows how to make entertaining and long lasting games." Wilds
Thimbleweed Park"Having yearned for a return to a Point N Click game that could match Monkey Island, this beauty came into my lie and made me whole again. Everything you could expect from a Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick game and more. A true point n click legend of a game."Rich
Heroes Tactics"Although there is a multiplayer element such as joining alliances and the arena. I have probably spent more time on the 1 player campaign and daily achievements than any other game this year. It is a turn-based adventure game where you collect heroes and pit them against enemies level after level. Heroes can be levelled up and improved by doing all manner of different things. There is a VIP paid version but they give away that much free stuff I don't see the point. It has been one of the few games that has been able to pull me away from my SNES mini."Ben

Best Multiplayer Game 2017

"Multi Freeze Award"

The Winners Are...

Game NameCommentsVoters Name
Cuphead"Not strictly a multiplayer game, but in the same way, as retro arcade games are better with friends, so is Cuphead. Plus, it just deserves awards for being awesome, alright?"Tim
Competitive - Nidhogg 2"I have pumped over ten hours into this, it's so simple and accessible that even my parents have had a bash and instantly got hooked. It's now a staple of my gaming nights and I've even used it instead of a coin toss to make a decision with my girlfriend, is there anything it can't do?"Britt
Co-operative - Greedy Guns"Truly great local co-op games are quite rare and this completely ticked all my boxes. I've played it with a friend and it's another game I almost never want to finish as it's been such fun. A well-designed and a thoroughly enjoyable game that is a must for fans of local co-op."Britt
Friday the 13th the Game"I had little interest in this title until I noticed many of my friends picking it up and the adventure to survive Camp Crystal Lake is filled with scares, glitches, and a lot of heart, that becomes an endearing homecoming for fans of the movies, as long as there is a friend to die alongside." Wilds
Windjammers (PS4)"Windjammers has been a NEO GEO classic for an age but I'd never got round to playing it. Then Dot Emu popped up with a cool ps4 conversion and I then realised how cool this game actually is. Playing against a CPU opponent is cool but local or online multiplayer is the bee's knees. As with the best multiplayer games, this game comes out for any gathering at my house."Rich
Hevay Metal Machines"A fun frantic fast paced car game. which pits two teams of four against each other to play capture the bomb and deliver it to the opponents end zone. It sounds simple but you have to work in unison with your teammates and it's so frantic you can't help but become engrossed in it."Ben


Biggest Gaming Disappointment 2017

"Melted Award"

The Winners Are...

Game NameCommentsVoters Name
Yooka-LayleeAs a huge fan of classic 3D platformers like Crash and Spyro, Yooka-Laylee looked to be right up my street - I even backed it on Kickstarter! But for everything it gets right as a throwback game, it gets one or two things wrong, as well. Shame, really, because it had some potential.Tim
Hello NeighborThis was a huge disappointment for me. Such a simple, intriguing premise let down by broken physics and unenjoyable, uninteresting puzzle sections.Britt
Mass Effect: Andromeda"I'm not a huge fan of the series but thought a new jumping on point might be good to try again, and many of my friends hyped me up for it with their excitement, but we were soon all letdown, with most of them never even finishing the title." Wilds
Sociable SoccerI'm a massive fan of Sensible Soccer and Jon Hare's work so I had been excited about this release for a long time. Let's just make this clear from the 1st word though, this game is still in early access and this means that most things in the game that make it a disappointment can be fixed. BUT the reason I have included it in this category is that I wanted to be so good right out of the gate and unfortunately, the game was released (in early Access) in an unfinished state. The AI was woeful and there were numerous bugs. The future is bright for this game though as there is a passion from the Devs and The Community that will drive this one forward to hopefully become THE FIFA / PES alternative.Rich
Project RemediumFor a game to look this good and then be such a disappointment is frustrating to say the least. If the devs put the same amount of effort into the gameplay as they did the visuals then it would be a great game. In parts it felt like a Halo game and in others, it felt as bad as Superman 64!!! Has the potential to be great and the idea and concept need to be utilised properly as it could be so much more than it is.Ben


Surprise Favourite Game 2017

"Dark Horse Award"

The Winners Are...

Game NameCommentsVoters Name
A Hat in Time"I was sceptical of this one at first, but I followed its development and picked it up at release. And my God was it worth it. The first game I've played in years that actually feels like a proper video game."Tim
Bear With Me"This game did everything right and I don't feel it gets the attention that it deserves. An old-school point and click adventure with wonderful characters and a great heart at its core. Also some of the strongest voice-acting that I've come across in an indie game."Britt
Resident Evil 7"The series that I will always love, even when it was going downhill fast, but this new entry breathed so much life into this experience, even if I didn't like all of the changes, I was brought back into the world of Resident Evil kicking and screaming, with delight." Wilds
Hand Of Fate 2"This game was on my radar but there's no way I thought it would live up to the hype in my own head. I wanted a D and D style game that would let me play out my D and D fantasies. I wanted a cool mysterious game with loads of character that drew me into a world of goblins and orcs that was believable in its own right and most of all I wanted it to be fun. Lucky for me I got all those things with HOF 2 which left me wondering how I missed HOF 1."Rich
Kopanito All-Stars Soccer"Although I love football (soccer) I hate FIFA and PES but I love crazy football games like sega soccer slam and sensible soccer. You can add Kopanito all-stars soccer to that list. It's fun fast paced and doesn't take itself too seriously. It knows what it is and does it well. It could so easily have been my choice for Multi freeze award as well!"Ben

And for our Grand Finale let's see who bagged the Freezer Followers Game Of The Year Award as voted for by our loyal 17,000 Twitter Followers!

 Freezer Followers GOTY 2017 ☆

"Freezer Followers Award"

The Winner is...

After whittling down 2017's cream of the crop down to an amazing 4 video games of the highest calibre it was left to voters to decide the first Freezer Followers Game Of The Year. 

The accolade deservedly went to Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild which was the game of the year in so many other publications and followed suit here too.

Nintendo is back and LOZ is here to stay!

There you have just a sample of how many amazing AAA and Indie games were released in 2017!

2018 will have a lot to live up to!

Thanks to all those beautiful people who voted and to those amazing Games Freezer reviewers who continue to produce awesome reviews for the GF faithful on a weekly basis

Happy New Year Everyone!

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