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As an avid video game kinda guy I have always been obsessed with recording my collection of everything video games related.

When I was a proud Atari XEGS owner I would record my video games collection on a TDK 90 cassette tape and load it up onto the screen to view it like it was a secret classified document.

I've used all sorts of methods over the years, but one thing that always works best for me is good old pen and paper.

Specifically, I like to create lovely ticklists for my collections and tick the titles off as I obtain them.

The satisfaction of ticking things off is almost primal. There's something that makes me smile inside as I get that elusive copy of Eternal Darkness into my SEGA Master System collection or that last cassette to complete my Hit Squad sub-collection.

Nowadays my video games collection has shrunk as I no longer have the room to devote to my own video games collection other than a shelf for current titles and few XBOX360 and PS3 titles.

But the thing is my nerdy ways and thought processes still bring me back to creating the humble/mighty ticklist.

That's why I've gone away and decided to create my very first ticklist for you all and specifically for you Atari 2600 nuts out there.

This is a ticklist which covers all 522 releases on Atari 2600 (not including Homebrew and not including SEARS variants)
Here's the IMGUR link for a better look at the detail on the list:

I created for fun cos that's the kind of guy I am (nerd/geek/sad) and hopefully, it would be useful for all you collectors out there.

The biggest challenge was finding the list of games but after some Wikipedia jiggery-pokery and a load of reformatting I came up with this A3 sized ticklist.

At some point, I'm going to get it professionally printed and then hung on my wall, then maybe i'll start collecting Atari 2600 games!

How would you improve on it?

What format would you like to see it in?

Maybe a series of checklist books would be awesome?

Let me know your thoughts below....


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