๐ŸŽž️ Marimo - A Beautiful Magazine About Animation & Beyond ๐ŸŽจ @MarimoMag #Animation #Kickstarter

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We love beautiful looking things and Marimo is beautiful...

You need this magazine in your life immediately...



"More like an art book than a traditional magazine, every page of Marimo is meticulously crafted, printed on high quality, environmentally friendly Munken paper to ensure each issue can be part of your life-long collection."
"With collaborations between visual artists, animators, filmmakers, and writers, every page is its own unique adventure. Marimo focuses on animation across the creative spectrum, from feature films to virtual reality, from television shows to short films."
"Marimo’s goal is to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for everyone, from young students, to casual animation viewers, to professionals wanting to learn more about the processes and artists in their industry."
If all this has piqued your interest then you should seriously considering backing the Marimo Kickstarter...

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