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If you haven't played SteamWorld Dig "A Fistful Of Dirt" before then now is the time to buy it on Switch as it's currently dirt cheap (geddit?) 

I'd heard so many good things about this 2018 Switch release (originally released in 2013 for 3DS and PC) and it had sat on my 'to buy' list for many months before I eventually snapped it up on Switch for a few quid in the special offers section. 

Oh, man am I glad I finally got to experience this game!

This game has the kind of game loop that just keeps you coming back for more as the risk-reward of digging down further into the abandoned mines of your uncle's is so tempting as you search out more treasure to upgrade your pickaxe, drill and health alongside your pouch for carrying back your loot from the mines. All the while you're trying to also uncover the secret of the mines that lurk below your feet and can only be uncovered by digging into the soil and rocks below.

It's an ingeniously simple and compelling concept that had me glued to my switch solidly and it stole my heart with its charm and character along with its lovely visual stylings. 

There's something to be said for going from playing a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 for over 100 hours and then just spending around 8 hours with a game like SteamWorld Dig to see its end and explore all its parts. It's truly refreshing and a great palate cleanser before thinking about getting into something much meatier and demanding. 

The one thing I do think could have been improved on a little is the story itself and maybe the side characters as they feel a little flimsy, but that's not what this game is about, to be honest. This game is about clawing your way through the dirt in almost pitch black conditions as your lamp begins to run low on fuel and you hear the ominous sounds of monster buried in the mines. Do you continue digging and risk losing it all or do you take what you have so far and return to the surface with your gains? Can you find a way out of the hole that you've dug? Do you have a teleport mechanism handy to return to the surface in a flash? Can your pouch take one more jewel?

I didn't write this post as a review as I don't think I really need to add to the reviews that have been out and about on this game for the last 6 years! I just thought I'd remind people that if you have some spare cash (less than a tenner) and are looking for your next Nintendo Switch purchase, then Rusty and the gang are waiting for you in this gem of a game.

(I'm eyeing up SteamWorld Dig 2 now too as it's only £15!)

Right, I'm off to dig up some Crapomium from my local quarry...


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