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Fun new mobile games come out every year. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the top mobile games you might have missed so far in 2019. Let’s take a look. 

Sega Heroes

Sega didn’t win any popularity points when it announced its pay-to-win Sega Heroes game, but if you can look past the money-grabbing, it’s actually pretty good. 

The gameplay is signature Sega. It hearkens back to a time that many of us remember from the mid-1990s when game dynamics were much more straightforward. Plus, it looks a bit like the fighting version of Candy Crush, so that’s all good.

Pumped BMX

Finding fund games which you can play on your mobile can often be a challenge, but Pumped BMX is the real deal. The aim of the game is to ride your BMX through a series of environments and pull off killer stunts. While it’s a challenge to start, you soon find that you’re dominating the control pad and making a lot of progress. 

The controls can be a little difficult at times, but once you nail the combos, you get a satisfying reward. It’s fast-paced, action-orientated, and partially 3D, which is nice to see. 


When Limbo first arrived on the PC, commentators heralded it as an artistic masterpiece. And that’s certainly what it is. 

Now that it’s come to the smartphone it arguably looks even better. 

For those of you who haven’t played the game, it’s a black and white atmospheric platformer where you guide a young boy to safety. The series begins in a dank, dark forest, and you have to overcome hurdles, including spiders, to escape and get back home. 

The black and white elements looked good on the PC, but they look better on smartphones because of their higher contrast ratio screen technology. The blacks are deep, completely immersing you in the game. Plus, it’s naturally mobile-friendly, owing to the simple controls. 

Rayman Adventures

Rayman was a popular game on the original Playstation. It’s since received a facelift from its developers, and you can now play it on mobile. 

The game uses innovative one-touch controls that allow you to stop and start Rayman, as well as jump and collect rewards. The aim of the game is to unlock new levels by collecting Lums. It’s not as easy, however, as it sounds, making it one of the more compelling games to hit the mobile market this year.

Ark Survival

The notion that Ark Survival could come to mobile seemed a little far-fetched even just a few years ago. The game has notoriously high requirements and features a rich, three-dimensional world. 

Nonetheless, the creators have done their best to evoke the same realism on mobile. In Ark Survival, you have to become self-sufficient. First, you need to craft weapons and then build up various skills as you go through the game. At each point, you need to make sure that you’re strong enough to take on your enemies - many of them, dinosaurs - and defeat them. 

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