๐Ÿ”‹ Venom Twin Docking Station (XSX/S & One) & Venom USB Hub for Xbox Series X/S/One | Rating: Ice Cool [GF Recommended Purchase] ๐Ÿ”‹ @VenomGamingUK #XboxSeriesX

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A sleek and well-designed docking station that does its job well at a fair price, the Venom Twin Docking Station is a GF recommended purchase for your controller charging needs.

In the box you’ll receive:

  • 2 x 850 mAh batteries
  • 2 x Xbox Series X/S battery covers
  • 2 x Xbox One battery covers
  • 1 x Dual charging station
  • 1 x 2 metre USB to USB Type C braided charging cable 

In terms of design (the version I received was a deep blue colour) the docking station itself features a dimpled front with the LED lights that are either red (charging) or green (charged) in the shape of the Venom logo.

The main body of the station is designed for the controllers to sit snugly and smoothly as opposed to a ‘snap-in design which is great, the controllers gently slot into place with a soft, satisfying ‘click’ and are easily lifted off so there’s no yanking involved.

The rear of the device also has an extra USB port which is ALWAYS handy and I have to mention the sheer grip that the rubber feet have, as the unit is quite light I was initially concerned that it may slide around but that is absolutely not an issue, this thing sits stubbornly in place like me when I’m asked to dance at a wedding (pre-drinks).

The fact that the connection cable between the console and docking station is braided is a huge plus as it just makes it more stable and manageable but the main difference between this and other docks I’ve used is how you need those included battery covers. You’ll need to pop in the battery and specifically use the battery cover provided (which is white in colour) as there is a space on the back which needs to make contact with the dock in order to charge the controllers.

Whilst this didn’t bother me personally, I can imagine some may not like having to replace the battery cover and thus possibly the colour scheme of their controllers - so just worth mentioning.

The battery charges fully in around an hour and lasts for eight to ten hours of gaming - depending on how full-on your pad rumbles during gameplay - and, in an upgrade from the previous Venom rechargeable batteries that I covered, there’s no LED on the battery or cover themselves, which means that you won’t get distracting green flashes as you play or charge.

I did find that the in-game battery indicator isn’t as accurate as it is with standard batteries, although this could well be the situation with all rechargeable batteries on the system, I stress that this has no impact on the battery life, though. The docking station also charges whilst the system is in standby mode.

I also received The Venom USB hub, which is a very cool gadget – black in colour – designed specifically for the Xbox Series X. Plugging into the front USB port and featuring a glowing green Venom logo, this funky number gives you two USB ports and an extra USB Type C port for your other accessories.

As mentioned above, the more USB ports the merrier as far as I am concerned and the compact and specific design on this USB hub for the XSX means it’s a subtle addition to your system that gives a touch of character and extra functionality, I find it especially useful as I’m forever needing ports for various electronic cat toys and gadgets so my cat Bukowski is especially a fan.

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