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The gamification of sports is a great way for people to be involved in their favourite sports on a new level. You might be a fan of playing certain sports or more of a spectator, but the gaming aspects of engaging with them can be fun for anyone. You might not even be a big fan of watching or playing any sports but you still like playing games related to them. There are multiple ways you can gamify sports, turning them into something you can be much more actively engaged with. Some of them are directly related to real gameplay, while others let you do your own thing.

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Download Your Favourite Teams' Apps

Many big sports teams now have their own apps, which offer some great ways to engage with them. They can give you extra content, games, video replays and interactive content like quizzes and polls. You'll get exclusive extras and even personalised content to help you get the most out of the app. There are ways to get involved with the community too, with things like chat, forums or even ways to virtually attend an event. Of course, this kind of gamification benefits the clubs and teams too because it helps them learn more about their fans.

Try Out the Best Sports Games

There's a huge collection of different sports games you can play. Across different platforms and consoles, you get to decide which ones appeal to you. Of course, there are the big football games like FIFA, but you can also branch out into other sports if you're looking for something a little different. Madden NFL is an option for people who like American football, Super Mega Baseball 3 gives you the chance to step to bat, and Golf with Your Friends is there for people who want to take a swing. You can even try out skating games if that's what you love.

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Turn a Win Into Your Win

It's always a great feeling when your team wins. For a lot of people, it's like they've won something too. But what if you could actually win something at the same time? Sports betting can be a way to make any sport more fun, and you can branch out and try a range of different sports. Use a rugby union betting guide to brush up on your knowledge or learn the rules of something more unusual like hurling to discover more opportunities. You can even look at virtual sports and try your luck with them.

Join a Fantasy League

Fantasy leagues give you the chance to be involved in a sport even when it's not currently available to watch. You get to be in charge of your own team, buying and trading players, collecting points, and engaging with the community surrounding the league. You can find fantasy leagues for different sports, or even just start your own with some friends.

Gamify your favourite sports, or discover something new, and you can have a lot more fun with sports of all kinds.

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