Ridge Racer Infinity Vinyl Review By Lo Fi Lee ๐Ÿ’ฟ๐ŸŽถ #VideoGameVinyl #Vinyl #VGM

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Long-time readers might remember I reviewed and loved the digital version of the Ridge Racer Infinity album a while back ( 

And I’ve now got my hands on the vinyl version, which for a record nerd like me is beyond excellent. The album comes in a matte card sleeve made up to look like a PS1 cover, which really scratches that retro itch. The record itself comes on classic black vinyl in a black paper inner.

The track list pretty much follows the digital release, with two tracks swapped over, probably for reasons of runtime, while the last but one track is a slight rework of the original Night Stream, now called Ultra Stream. 

The rest of the album is the same as before, but now in all its physical glory. And yes, the thunderous Drivin’ U 2 Dancin’ is still the best song (and not just on this album). 

Buy, listen, dance.

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