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☆The Games Freezer Top 5 Christmas Themed Games☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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Every day in The Freezer is like Christmas as we get to play the best RetroGames and New Games out there!


Also it's pretty chilly in here whether it's Winter Or Summer!


Now it's Christmas Eve, we are well truly in the Christmas Spirit and we started to reminisce about years gone by when a Christmas Themed game would always spring up around this time of year.


Now we've had a chat about it over some mulled wine and some of The Freezer's home made Christmas Cake and we have drunkenly decided on these 5 Christmas treats for all you Freezer Followers........MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A FREEZER NEW YEAR!

5. Christmas Nights Into Dreams - Saturn
Christmas Nights was a two-level game of Nights into Dreams that was released in December 1996.
Nights into Dreams was a cool series and we love playing this game at Christmas!

4.Home Alone - SNES
The Home Alone film is a modern day Christmas classic! 

The same can't be said for the Video Game but you have to include it in this Top 5 because at the time we were just so hyped about playing a Home Alone Game!

We like the battle vs the spider in the basement best (although it had nothing to do with the film plot!!)  
3. Angry Birds - Christmas Seasons - Android

Angry Birds has saved our sanity over the years on long journeys and boring commutes, so what better way to travel to your folks for the holiday season than to whip out your phone and have an Angry Birds Seasons Greedings Session to get you into the Christams mood!

2. James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod - Megadrive

We were big fans of this on the Megadrive and loved every minute of James Pond's second adventure!

Here's what it's all about!
Dr. Maybe has taken over Santa's workshop and is holding Santa's workers hostage.

Many of Santa's helpers have been turned into Dr Maybe's horrible assistants.

It's down to James Pond to infiltrate Santa's grotto, free the Santa's captive helpers, retrieve the stolen toys for the children of the world, and defeat Dr. Maybe once and for all !!


1. Christmas Lemmings - Amiga

Our number 1 Christmas themed game has to be Christmas Lemmings.

Lemmings ahs so much charm and wonderful gameplay, add into that mix a Christmas setting and you have a game that is just perfect Christmas play for everyone!

If you search out one Christmas themed retrogaming gem this Christmas, let it be Christmas Lemmings!

What's your favourite Christmas themed Video Game of all time?


Think about it over the holiday season and let us know!



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