The Next Dragon Age Video Game (Formerly Known As Dreadwolf) Has A New Name! ⚔️

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Dragon Age The Veilguard
BioWare Studio’s General Manager and Executive Producer on Dragon Age, Gary McKay, published a blog post this morning sharing some new news around the next Dragon Age game - which has a new name.

In the blog, Gary reveals the new title Dragon Age: The Veilguard and provides background and context on their decision to change the name.

Each of the seven unique characters that make up your companions will have deep and compelling storylines where the decisions you make will impact your relationships with them – as well as their lives. 

You’ll unite this team of unforgettable heroes as you take on a terrifying new threat unleashed on the world. Naturally, the Dread Wolf still has an important part in this tale, but you and your companions – not your enemies – are the heart of this new experience.

So, to capture what this game is all about, we changed the name as the original title didn’t show just how strongly we feel about our new heroes, their stories and how you’ll need to bring them together to save all of Thedas.”

We proudly introduce to you Dragon Age™: The Veilguard.

Also, as promised on Dragon Age day last year, the team at BioWare has also set the date for the official gameplay reveal for Dragon Age: The Veilguard on June 11 at 8:00 am PT at the at the Dragon Age YouTube channel where they’ll be showcasing 15 minutes of gameplay from the opening moments of the game.


Dragon Age Day 2023 – BioWare Blog


The Next Dragon Age Has a New Title – BioWare Blog

Coffee Talk EP.2 – Official Soundtrack Vinyl Review By Britt ☕️πŸ“€@blackscreenrec #Vinyl #VideoGameVinyl

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Coffee Talk EP.2 – Official Soundtrack Vinyl Review
Having played – and enjoyed – the Coffee Talk games on Switch, I was excited to get the chance to really delve into the soundtrack, as I’m a big fan of hypnotic, trip-hop music – and the music was such a big part of Coffee Talk, enriching the atmosphere off the game without being intrusive or too abstract.

The nascent (well, to me at least!) ‘cosy’ genre revels in acting as a digital hug to its fans, and the music of Coffee Talk excels at this. It also arrived at a great time for me personally, as it was quite a stressful time related to family illness, and I’d had trouble settling on something to listen to as I worked, in my then-current state of mind my usual podcasts seemed irritating, familiar music grated on me, and I lacked the energy to seek out fresh sounds.

And so, when Coffee Talk Ep.2 arrived, it was a balm to my ears and mind, turning out to be exactly what I needed.

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