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Heroes Of Steel - The Latest Title From Trese Brothers

Heroes of Steel is a work in progress game that came out of our successful KickStarter, and the 5th game by Trese Brothers! 

The Trese Brothers have pulled together a cracking set of Games for Android devices and their latest release Heroes of Steel has really caught our eye!

The Trese Brothers were looking to create an epic turn-based mobile fantasy RPG and came up with Heroes Of Steel concept.

It's a squad-based tactical role-playing game set in the World of Steel.

The Trese Brothers were looking to create a game that is deeper than your average Android game by really engaging the player in the Game World and the Game System.

Combat In Action!
Heroes Of Steel has actually come about due to a successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign.

Even though the KickStarter has closed, if you are interested in helping to fund the Heroes of Steel project, you can still join by pledging at the PayPal backers’ page.

You can also Keep up to date with the latest Heroes of Steel development progress on the Trese Brothers YouTube channel.

Heroes of Steel will be released on the Android, OUYA, and iOS devices because of achieving it's stretch goals through the Kickstarter campaign! 

Heroes Of Steel also be shipped with eight character classes, and a map of the complicated underground world of Steel.

One of the most exciting things about this game is the level of character depth that will allow for 16 valid group combinations. 

This really gives the game a depth rarely seen on the Android platform.

If you want to stay connected with the KickStarter progress, join the Trese Brothers Facebook page

Meanwhile here's a short Bio on the Trese Brothers in their own words:

"Cory and Andrew are two brothers who have spent their lives together making games.  

We were always the first player in each other's games from a very early age, and started home-brewing systems before we knew what the term meant.  

We've spent countless hours creating of pen and paper games, stories and campaigns to share with our friends around the table.  

In mid-2010, Cory picked up an Android and started tinkering with a game idea he had in his favourite genre, space trading games.  

And so Star Traders was born.  

It was not long before we realized how powerful of a platform mobile gaming was to share our ideas, stories, and worlds with a larger audience.

Over the last three years, we have built four games and run one successful KickStarter to build our fifth [Heroes Of Steel]

We have updated these games hundreds of times with new content, story, characters, upgraded artwork, maps and sub-plots.  

We are extremely dedicated to our customers, listening to them, and making our games better with them.  

We love our games, and we play them every day.  

We believe we run a pretty unique business model and we love what we do with a major passion.  

We are very excited to have recently announced that we have transitioned to full time game development, both of us leaving full time software engineering positions.  So, its working!  

We hope you will join us by trying out one or more of our games and seeing them grow every week!"

Let us know what you think of the cool selection of Android Games By The Trese Brothers....

Richard from the Android section of *The Freezer*

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