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Lets just start by saying that this book NEEDS TO BE MADE.....

(UPDATE: This Kickstarter Has Now Been Funded And Is In The Process Of Being Made)

It's the kind of art book that we here at Games Freezer dream of making ourselves if only we had the artistic talent......

It's what would keep our minds focused on writing about the most amazing Retro-Gaming content in the world....


It's the kind of book that would inspire us to write even more articles about some of the greatest arcade games of all time.....

This book is a dream project and we would like you all to back Tim Nicholls it help him make this project happen.

So.....What's it all about then?

Well lets start with Tim himself....

Tim is passionate and talented artistic guy who adores Arcade Gaming from the 80's and 90's. 

He currently creates some amazing retro gaming artwork to adorn Arcade enthusiasts walls across the world.

He uses the Arcade decals from some of the most iconic Arcade Games of all time as the basis of these fantastic pieces of art.

These beautiful works of art would naturally lend themselves to being included in a beautifully bound book of around 200 images for any retrogaming enthusiast to thumb through and soak up all the memories and appreciate the fine artwork associated with the golden age of arcade gaming.

So that's what Tim's project is all about, its about bringing these beautiful images into one place and making them accessible for all the gaming enthusiasts around the world.

At his fingertips, Tim has access to nearly all the classic arcade game decals from over the last 30 years, so to say we are excited about this project is an understatement!

Please visit the Kickstarter page below and have a good read of Tim's vision.

But most importantly pledge something to make sure this SUPER COOL Art Book happens..... (Update: Funding Now Closed)

Artcade The Coin Op Art Book - Kickstarter Page

We will keep you updated on the progress of Tim's Kickstarter Campaign via www.gamesfreezer.eu and also via Twitter , we really hope he can raise the £10000 required so as we can see his vision materialise! 

We think Tim's idea is very exciting, but what do you think?

What do you think of the amazing range of artwork Tim has access to?


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