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AdventurOS - Fiendishly Different!


Every Now And Again A Concept For A Game Comes Along That Really Gets You thinking..........


AdventurOS is one such game that really got us thinking and we LOVE the sound of it!


AdventurOS is the brainchild of  Evelend Games and our fave Game Dev @MissScripter (a.k.a Lorena Casanova)

 What is AdventurOS?

AdventurOS is a "Metroid-Vania" styled game that will allow you to enjoy your operating system and it's file structure like you never thought was possible before. 
The Game World that you will enter is entirely auto-generated by the content of your computer! 

Each room, object, enemy, puzzle, key, treasure, boss... Is actually an interpretation of the files and folders located on the computer where the game is running.

These game items and NPCs are actually determined by the way they are organized.

The coolest feature of the game is there will never be two identical versions of the AdventurOS game worlds! 

Just imagine how your game could look like!

Exciting Stuff eh!?

What's The Story?

"The architect has a problem. Together with his castle, all the creatures who live in it are in danger.

A big crisis is therefore faced by The Architect! Regardless of the safety measures taken to protect his castle, this fateful day has come!

There is an unwelcome visitor among the guests of the castle and to make matters worse they are hidden behind a harmless appearance.

This despicable intruder has cast a curse in order to achieve his goal: To take over the architect's wealth and dominate all his inhabitants.

A band of voluntaries have now settled into his castle, lead by their heroic captain who is determined to free them from the damned curse.

Will he be able to overcome the challenges the evil intruder puts before him? 

Fight your own files turned into monsters, level up by exploring your castle, customize your character, solve puzzles and get ready for the evil bosses!"

How much would you like to play this ingeniously fiendish new game?

Well, in order to make this great project reality, the AdventurOS Team require YOUR SUPPORT!

The Team Have Set Up An INDIEGOGO Campaign in order to raise the required funding to develop and distribute the game.

BUT.......Before you visit the INDIEGOGO page, let's meet the Team!

Emilio and Andrรฉ Marรญ Coppola brothers, a.k.a Evelend Games:

Emilio Mari manages the programming for their games and Andre Mari
creates the audiovisuals - the sprite work, music and other art

  Emilio and Andre were both born in Argentina and raised in Spain.
Their most popular game is Pixelry.

Emilio has taken part in many open source projects. One of his creations is
Stellar, a python version of the popular creation tool Game Maker which is
still in development.

Andre also collaborated on other games as an artist, most recently Andre created and released Super Tower Rush together with Miss Casanova.

Lorena Casanova a.k.a @MissScripter:  

This devoted indie is responsible for the code of Super Tower Rush, with Mr Marรญ Coppola as an artist as mentioned before. 

Lorena was introduced to programming while she collaborated with the Evelend brothers as a proofreader for Pixelry. 

Not long after that she was encouraged to produce her first solo release, which brought Antipodes to life, the first in what is becoming a long list of development achievements.

Now we have met the team let us get a move on over to the INDIEGOGO Fund Raising Page where we can begin to contribute to this wonderful project and learn a bit more about the wonderful world of AdventurOS!

Let us know what you think of this cool game

Let us know if you pledged any money to this wonderful idea

Richard Reporting From The Depths Of My Linux File Structure

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