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If you are a gamer of a certain age you will remember the heady days of arcade greatness when Street Fighter II cabinets were in every chip shop, video shop and Newsagents across the land.

With those cabinets came the queues of "New Challengers" and wannabe Kings Of The Arcade.

It was a time when just as many people came to watch as those who came to play.

Street Fighter II was and still is a phenomenon that so many of us have enjoyed both in its natural habitat (the arcade) and at home on the many many console conversions.

Don't forget the hacked editions of the arcade machine that also appeared in the arcades such as the "Rainbow Edition" 

Such was the demand for these hacked editions that Capcom had to release an official updated version of Championship Edition.

The "I Am Street Fighter" Documentary captures the spirit and feel of Street Fighter and really gets across what it felt like to play Street Fighter back in those halcyon days of arcade gaming.

There is a part where they talk about the symbolism of putting your 20p or 25c on the machine to signify that YOU are the next challenger which really resonated with us.

Please take an hour of your time to sit down and watch this gem of a documentary and hopefully you will enjoy it just as much as we did.

Let us know what you thought of this brilliant documentary?

What other cool Videogames documentaries or films would you recommend for us at Games Freezer to watch?

You Still there? 

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Pettini from the *Games Freezer* Fight Club

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