☆"The TOP 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die" Part 3 of 4☆ #RetroGaming #GamersUnite

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The Top 100 Games To Play Before You Die - Part 3

Recently we asked the 'TwitterVerse' what games we need to play before we die......

After compiling countless nominations from all of the

☆Friends Of The Freezer

we have managed to compile the definitive 

☆Games Freezer☆ list of..........

"The TOP 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die"☆

 We'll be releasing the full list of 100 over the course of 4 Articles on www.GamesFreezer.eu


This is Part 3.........

There's some lesser known titles and there's some classics that make up this list

Remember this list was nominated by all the Twitter Followers of @GamesFreezer and we think it's one of the most diverse Top 100's EVER assembled!

So what are we waiting for??

Lets Carry On The Countdown with Part 3 - #49 to #25

49. Okami

48. Psychonauts

47. Folklore

46. Terranigma

45. Beyond Good & Evil

44. Silent Hill 2

43. Shenmue

42. Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure

41. Elite

40. Night Driver

39. Contra

38. Turrican

37. Jet Set Willy

36. Shinobi

35. Golden Axe

34. International Karate+

33. Space Harrier

32. Super Mario Bros 3

31. Outrun

30. Street Fighter IV


29. Front Mission 3

28. Renegade

27. Mr Do

26. Pacman

25. Spy Hunter 



So we are on the home straight now!

25 Games Left In Our Top 100 Games To Play Before You Die!

How Many Of These Classics have you played?

Which Ones Do You Disagree With So Far?


We'll be back soon with the FINAL 25 games in Part 4 of The Top 100 Video Games To Play Before You Die!

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