☆GamesFreezer's Favourite #Kickstarter Campaigns - 30th October 2013☆ #GamersUnite

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Trawling Kickstarter for Cool projects has become one of our favourite past times.

Having recently backed the successful Artcade project we are hungry to back some more successful Video Game related projects.

So we've done the searching for you so you can take your pick of the best projects to back.....

So Here's Our Full Rundown Of Our 5 Fave Current Projects

1. BotLogic.US - "A Game To Inspire Future Innovators"

BotLogic is aiming to create an online tool to enable children to learn basic coding & programming from a young age.

A great idea from the BotLogic guys who are aiming to raise $100,000 by November 21st

2. The Vanamo Online Game Museum
How cool is this, the guy on this project has been on a personal crusade to create the largest collection of High Video Game hardware images in order to improve the Wikipedia images and the images present of hardware on the web at the moment.

He now wants to undertake a project to buy and curate the physical hardware and place it into an actual Game Museum whilst also creating and amazing set of free images available to everyone online to either view or use for free.

A really great project that deserves to succeed. 

$5465 out of $8500 has been pledged so far and with 4 Days left they need your help to achieve the goal set for this cool RetroGaming project!

3. Rebuild: "Gangs Of Deadsville"

You are going to love this project!

"It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android."

Sarah Northway has previously created two rebuild games and this time wants to create a bigger and better experience and so has hired some extra help, this extra help comes at a cost and that's where Kickstarter comes in!

 $38k out of a $25k target has been pledged so far! 30 hours to go to be a part of it.....get backing!

4. Night In The Woods

What a great video this project has to accompany the campaign!
It really makes you want this game to happen.

"Night In The Woods is a 2D story-focused adventure/exploration game with many extracurricular activities to enjoy, characters to meet, and secrets to discover. Run, jump and use astral projection to explore the many sides of town of Possum Springs and the surrounding environs. Waste time around town with your crew of loser friends. Gain abilities that grant passage to new areas. Discover the secrets of a large cast of characters and the town itself. Experience a big crazy world and the remarkable events unfolding there. Play bass. Break stuff." 

Sounds cool don't it! (looks cool too!)

This has been so much of a success it was fully funded within 26 hours!!

$117k has been pledged out of a target of $50k with 22 days remaining! (WOW!)

5. Confederate Express

This project is by far our favourite of the moment! 

We can't get enough of great pixel art games and this is a beauty!

Check out the cool vid on kickstarter and let us know whether that makes you wanna play this cool game or not.

Pixels + Zombies + RPG = WINNER!!

Thankfully the project is already fully funded so confederate Express will happen! HOORAH!

$14k backed out of a target of $10k with 21 days to go





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