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☆ My Most Anticipated Games To Come From E3 2017 ☆ #GameDev #E32017

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This year's E3 is the first one that I have truly immersed myself into as it would seem that the coverage for this year's premier video games event has been all consuming and further reaching than ever before as it took over my life for 2 weeks.

I watched all of the developer press conferences which I really enjoyed and I soaked up stacks of commentary from the various outlets, but mainly from my favourite website Giant

After being an E3 junkie for a couple of weeks I'm now coming down from my E3 2017 fix and have just begun to piece together my thoughts on my ten most anticipated video games from the show.

It's quite tough to narrow this behemoth of a video game showdown to ten cool things that I just can't wait to play BUT I'm going to give it a go.

Here are my Most Anticipated Games To Come From E3 2017...


☆ 5 Retrogaming Moments That Shaped My Video Games World ☆

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games freezer, video games, gamers, retrogaming, retro gamer, computer games

When I think back to when I was young gamer there were 5 distinct experiences with 5 different machines that laid the foundation for my eternal love of Video Games.
It was these exposures to these legendary systems which meant that I am still a gamer today.


☆ Me & Video Game Ladders Just Don't Mix….☆ #GamersUnite

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A simple ladder…….

In real life the common ladder represents a means to climb to a higher platform…..

In video games the common ladder represents utter frustration!


☆ Robot Gentleman Announces The Release Of PostNuclear Mobile Game "60 Seconds" ☆ @robotgentleman @gotojuch #GamersUnite #GameDev

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Game Dev, Robot Gentleman

Being massive fans of the Fallout series means that any videogame related to nuclear war and it's effects generally get our attention.

60 Seconds sounds like a really interesting concept from the dudes at 
Robot Gentleman so we took some time to find out more about this cool video game.


☆ My First Three Hours With The Video Game That Changed Everything…☆ @PS_Beyond #GamersUnite

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Imagine a video game that draws you in with it's storyline, tugs at your heart strings, makes you care about the characters, lets you fall in love with the game world and delivers heart thumping action whilst also scaring the shit out of you on a regular basis….

These elements combined are rare in a video game but I have discovered such a game…

It's a game that everybody has heard of and that every video game journalist on the planet has played and written about…

On this front, I'm well behind the pack as my first play session on this game was yesterday and the game was released in June 2013...

I've never been one to play the latest release and I tend to avoid following the pack when it comes to seeking out new video games experiences…

BUT in this case, it's such an amazing game that I wish I had played this wonderful game on Day 1….


☆ What Is Your Favourite Video Games Shop Of All Time? ☆ #GamersUnite

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Retrogaming, Video Games

In the online world we live in today there is a distinct lack of high street video games stores.

Video games stores have taken a massive hit in the UK and even the behemoth that is GAME have been hit by this tough time for the high street retailer.

I for one still love to walk into a video game shop (when I can find one) and browse the rows of video games on offer, along with all the cool accessories that I want to put on my wishlist.

As I sit here now I am starting to recall my favourite video game shop ever. It was called LOGIC and was in a town called Cheshunt in Hertfordshire.

The thing I loved about LOGIC was the fact that it had every imaginable video game format covered in its vast displays of video games. They were also one of the only places to stock ATARI 800 XE/XL cassettes in our area. It was always a treat to visit LOGIC!

This got me thinking, If I was to open a Video Games Shop today what would be my ultimate Video Games Shop?


☆ Do You Play Episodic Video Games? ☆ @telltalegames #GamersUnite #WalkingDead

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Having Only Just Recently Got Into Playing The Walking Dead  Video Game 

I Have Now Been Exposed To The Episodic Video Games Genre For The First Time In My Video Gaming Career.....

So.....What's My Opinion On Episodic Video Games Then?

☆ You Gotta Love A Humble Bundle! ☆ @humble #HumbleBundle #GamersUnite

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Humble Bundle, Video Games, Steam

Hey You Just Gotta Love A Humble Bundle!

Loadsa Cool Games For Such A Brilliant Price!

This Bundle As Always Is An Absolute Marvel!


☆ A Retrogaming Operating System For The Raspberry Pi ☆ @AverageManVsPi @alexanderstubbs #GamersUnite #RaspberryPi

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Imagine A Retro Gaming Version Of The XBOX or PSN Dashboard

Imagine Your Very Own One Stop Shop Personalised Gateway To Retro Gaming Goodness

Imagine Being Able To Play All The Games You Know And Love From The Golden Years Of Video Games

Maybe You Wont Have To Imagine Much longer If The Kickstarter For 
"IGNITION" Is Successful


☆ What's On Your Fallout 4 Wishlist? ☆ @Fallout #GamersUnite #Fallout4 #Fallout

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As Fallout fans wait with baited breath for some kind of a Fallout 4 announcement, it has gotten me thinking about what I would like to see included within the next fallout installment……

The Fallout world is massive and you can imagine any introduction of a new mechanic in the game must be an arduous undertaking.

But putting all that to one side, what would be on my Fallout 4 Wishlist?

Read On To Find Out More….


☆ The Games Freezer Video Games Screenshot Quiz ☆ @Hive_5 #Retrogaming #GamersUnite #PixelArt

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It's That Time Of The Week Again When We Unleash 10 Screenshots From Our Twitter Friend @Hive_5  And Ask YOU To Name As Many As YOU Can!

As Always There's No Prize And Potentially No point To This Quiz.......


If You're Gamer Geeks Like Us, You'll Just Love Looking At Cool Pixel Screenshots!

Let's Get Started!


☆ The Games Freezer Tribute To Robin Williams The Gamer ☆ #GamersUnite #RIPRobinWilliams

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Growing up watching Robin Williams' Films and great TV like Mork & Mindy has always meant that we have had a soft spot for the great man.

You might not know that Robin was also a Video Games player


☆ Have You Ever Made A Video Game Map? ☆ @joshmillar @JazRignall #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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This Tumblr Site from @joshmillard is Amazing...

I'm taken back into the world of graph paper and coloured pencils and my love for home made video games maps.

In my opinion the home made versions that were submitted into video games magazines like CVG and Mean Machines were simply the best....


☆ Website Of The Day "RetroGamerZine" ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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Retrogaming, Retro Gamer, Video Games

Today's Games Freezer Website Of The Day Is A Pure Labour Of Love Choc Full Of Some Great Retrogaming Goodness.

There's So Much Great Stuff Hidden Away On This Site That You Owe It To Yourselves To Explore The Wonderful World Of RetroGamer


☆GamesFreezer's Favourite #Kickstarter Campaigns - 30th October 2013☆ #GamersUnite

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Trawling Kickstarter for Cool projects has become one of our favourite past times.

Having recently backed the successful Artcade project we are hungry to back some more successful Video Game related projects.

So we've done the searching for you so you can take your pick of the best projects to back.....

So Here's Our Full Rundown Of Our 5 Fave Current Projects

1. BotLogic.US - "A Game To Inspire Future Innovators"

BotLogic is aiming to create an online tool to enable children to learn basic coding & programming from a young age.

A great idea from the BotLogic guys who are aiming to raise $100,000 by November 21st

2. The Vanamo Online Game Museum
How cool is this, the guy on this project has been on a personal crusade to create the largest collection of High Video Game hardware images in order to improve the Wikipedia images and the images present of hardware on the web at the moment.

He now wants to undertake a project to buy and curate the physical hardware and place it into an actual Game Museum whilst also creating and amazing set of free images available to everyone online to either view or use for free.

A really great project that deserves to succeed. 

$5465 out of $8500 has been pledged so far and with 4 Days left they need your help to achieve the goal set for this cool RetroGaming project!

3. Rebuild: "Gangs Of Deadsville"

You are going to love this project!

"It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android."

Sarah Northway has previously created two rebuild games and this time wants to create a bigger and better experience and so has hired some extra help, this extra help comes at a cost and that's where Kickstarter comes in!

 $38k out of a $25k target has been pledged so far! 30 hours to go to be a part of it.....get backing!

4. Night In The Woods

What a great video this project has to accompany the campaign!
It really makes you want this game to happen.

"Night In The Woods is a 2D story-focused adventure/exploration game with many extracurricular activities to enjoy, characters to meet, and secrets to discover. Run, jump and use astral projection to explore the many sides of town of Possum Springs and the surrounding environs. Waste time around town with your crew of loser friends. Gain abilities that grant passage to new areas. Discover the secrets of a large cast of characters and the town itself. Experience a big crazy world and the remarkable events unfolding there. Play bass. Break stuff." 

Sounds cool don't it! (looks cool too!)

This has been so much of a success it was fully funded within 26 hours!!

$117k has been pledged out of a target of $50k with 22 days remaining! (WOW!)

5. Confederate Express

This project is by far our favourite of the moment! 

We can't get enough of great pixel art games and this is a beauty!

Check out the cool vid on kickstarter and let us know whether that makes you wanna play this cool game or not.

Pixels + Zombies + RPG = WINNER!!

Thankfully the project is already fully funded so confederate Express will happen! HOORAH!

$14k backed out of a target of $10k with 21 days to go





Games Freezer
Watch Out For More KickStarter Gems From
☆The GamesFreezer☆   Soon......


☆Hip Hop & Video Games - "The RAP Game"☆ @CloudKlaus #GamersUnite

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Video Games
The RAP Game Reviews From "A Cloud Called Klaus"

What's the perfect combination?


Nutella & Pancakes?


Bacon & Eggs?


What about Hip Hop & Video Games!?

Our greatest gaming sessions have been played to the background music of The Wu Tang Clan or Dr Dre whilst spending hours getting stuck into Pro Evolution Soccer session with friends,

It just seems perfect to us, smooth flows and pixels were always meant to be....

So imagine our joy when we discovered A Cloud Called Klaus and his You Tube Series entitled "The RAP Game" where Klaus reviews Video Games in the form of a truly entertaining and tight RAP.

"The Rap Game is a fortnightly show where our host, A Cloud Called Klaus, gives you an insight into how he found his bimonthly gaming. Updated every other Saturday"

It makes listening to a game review so much more engaging and we are loving Klaus' style, this man is a STAR IN THE MAKING!

You have got to be listening & watching Klaus' Reviews they are not to be missed!

So follow Klaus on Twitter HERE

Watch Klaus' RAP Game Videos HERE and DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO HIS CHANNEL to keep up to date with his latest Reviews!

Let us know if you agree with us about our perfect combo?


What do you listen to whilst playing Video Games? A bit of Beethoven or Iron Maiden Maybe?


Games Freezer - Website Of The Day - @didyouknowgamin

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Some Back To The Future Trivia

Our love of video games websites knows no bounds, so imagine our joy when we found Did You Know Gaming

This website is so well presented and stuffed full of nuggets of information from the full spectrum of Video Gaming Trivia.

Whether it's Retro Gaming or current generation gaming you are interested in then Did You Know gaming have got a fact or a piece of trivia that will make you smile or say "Well I didn't know that!"

The great thing is that they present the piece of trivia / fact with a screen-shot of the actual game, which brings it to life nicely.

Whenever we visit the site we end up searching our favourite games over the years for a nice nugget of info and then in most cases we will end up digging out the game and playing it again to locate the screen from where the nugget came from.

The A - Z search function at the top makes it easy to try and locate your fave game series and helps you start digging for info.

We Love This Website and can end up spending hours of our time just learning loads of COOL stuff about our favourite game series'

We recommend that you head over to Did You Know Gaming and get hooked on Gaming Trivia NOW! 

(Otherwise *The Freezer's* Gonna Get Ya!)

What do you think of "Did You Know Gaming" ?


What's your favourite piece of gaming trivia? 


Games Freezer - The #GamesFreezer Weekly is ready for your consumption!

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The Games Freezer Weekly is Ready!

The second update of the Games Freezer Weekly is ready for your consumption!

You will find it in the deep freeze next to the frozen copy of Streets Of Rage and Sensible soccer.

Defrost it today and take it away!

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