☆ A Retrogaming Operating System For The Raspberry Pi ☆ @AverageManVsPi @alexanderstubbs #GamersUnite #RaspberryPi

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Imagine A Retro Gaming Version Of The XBOX or PSN Dashboard

Imagine Your Very Own One Stop Shop Personalised Gateway To Retro Gaming Goodness

Imagine Being Able To Play All The Games You Know And Love From The Golden Years Of Video Games

Maybe You Wont Have To Imagine Much longer If The Kickstarter For 
"IGNITION" Is Successful

Ignition promises to deliver a Social RetroGaming "OS" for the Raspberry Pi with features such as Achievements, Gamer Profiles, Online Play and lots more….

Ignition is looking to support all the emulators that currently run on the Pi which will open a world of cool retrogaming for all you Raspberry Pi fans!

The main feature of Ignition will be the modern intuitive user interface that Alex Stubbs is looking to build.

There will also be the ability to add in your own customisable achievements or trophies for retro games.

Along with many other cool features a catalogue system for your games, gaming metrics, voice commands and many others. 

Head Over To The Kickstarter And Back This  Cool Kickstarter From As Little As $5 To Be A Part Of The BETA Tester Program AND Receive Early Copies Of The Software!

We're Mega Excited About This Kickstarter Project!!

Sounds Brilliant Doesn't it?!

Let Us Know What You Think Of This Great Kickstarter Project

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