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In the online world we live in today there is a distinct lack of high street video games stores.

Video games stores have taken a massive hit in the UK and even the behemoth that is GAME have been hit by this tough time for the high street retailer.

I for one still love to walk into a video game shop (when I can find one) and browse the rows of video games on offer, along with all the cool accessories that I want to put on my wishlist.

As I sit here now I am starting to recall my favourite video game shop ever. It was called LOGIC and was in a town called Cheshunt in Hertfordshire.

The thing I loved about LOGIC was the fact that it had every imaginable video game format covered in its vast displays of video games. They were also one of the only places to stock ATARI 800 XE/XL cassettes in our area. It was always a treat to visit LOGIC!

This got me thinking, If I was to open a Video Games Shop today what would be my ultimate Video Games Shop?

Video Games


It would have to be called Games Freezer of course! A hand painted Games Freezer sign would adorn the shop front with one of those swinging signs hanging from a bracket tempting passers by into The Games Freezer…


There would be a mural on the walls of some of the greatest video games icons in a manga style piece of artwork. 
The window would have some painted on video game legends such as a nice Blanka and maybe a Kirby and an Alex Kidd 
The walls inside would have some of the greatest issues of the best video games mags over the years such as Mean Machines, Super Play, CVG, GAMES TM, EDGE, EGM, GAME PRO, AMIGA POWER and NMS.

The overall feel of the shop would be some kind of Video Games Shop straight out of TOKYO.


Current Generation Games - Of course there would be a nice section of the best current gen video games

Retro Games - A selection of some of the finest videogames of all time from Atari 2600 up until the Super Nintendo era (with maybe some PS1 thrown in for good measure!)

Video Games Library - The Video Games Library would contain some of the finest video games prose available along with video games guides and graphic novels. There would also be a nice area to sit and read before you make your purchase.

Video Games Collectibles - A lovely array of collectibles would be available to buy from Yoshi Plushes to very expensive Street Fighter figurines.

Consoles - Various consoles would be available to buy from The Games Freezer from Retrogaming Legends right up to the modern day upstarts. There would also be room for the retro emulation consoles of today such as the RetroN5 and the Super Retro Trio.


The music played in my Video Games shop would play a big part in the atmosphere of the shop. I'd be likely to have a varied playlist of 90's Brit Pop with some Funky House thrown in for good measure along with some Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight and Kings Of Leon mixed up with whatever else I fancy at the time!


I'd want my Video Games shop to have some character and not just be a faceless shop like it can feel like when you walk into the larger chain of video games shops.

I'd want my shop to be a hub for gamers to visit when they want to try out the latest game before they buy it or even a place just to come and chat about the latest releases or the favourite list of games from the last 30 years.

What Is Your Favourite Video Games Shop Of All Time?

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