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I long for the days when you would get home from school and only have to worry about one thing......

"How Long Is My Tape Cassette Going To Take To Load My Copy Of Football Manager?!"

Those were the carefree days of gaming when time seemed unlimited and you could devote hours, whole evenings and weekends to the delights of playing your favourite video games.

These halcyon days of gaming were truly epic and evoke memories of times when you approached gaming in a different way to the way you approach it now.

I've been chatting to a few friends of mine who love football games just as much as I do about Video Games Memories and they told me a story of how when they were about 10 years old they would play "The Double" in a different way from everyone else......

The Double was a footy management sim that was released on various formats in 1986.

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In The Double you had the option to watch your games or just see the result and you also had various his management options to improve your team, much like the legendary Football Manager 2 of the time.

My friends (Bevers & Franno) would play this game religiously after school in the following manner...

After getting home from school or waking up on a Saturday morning with nothing to do, Bevers would start the loading process (a long and arduous process which could take an hour!!)

Then before Franno arrived at Bevers house he would attempt to get the season going so as they could maybe complete a season in that day...

Franno would arrive at Bevers house and now the fun would really start!

Bevers and Franno would then watch every match they played (90 minutes per match!!!)

Then after each match they would go into the back garden to re enact the goals they had just witnessed (imagination overload)

Then it would be the responsibility of one of them to write up a match report of each game!! (Those match reports would be priceless now!!)

They always wondered why they could never complete a season in one day!

It just illustrates how playing video games back then really was a different ball game all together, the game went beyond what was actually taking place on the screen and lots of the game was left to the imagination do to the fact that the hardware was so limited.

What Quirky Things Did You Do When Playing 

Video Games With Your Mates?

Retrogaming, The Double, Retro Gamer

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