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Of course, over the years there have been a vast number of Video Games Computers & Consoles.

There have been so many games and machines that we fondly remember.

We have decided to give our opinion on what we think are the 5 most iconic video games computer and console designs from the dawn of home video games systems back in the late 1970's…..

Take a look for your favourite in our iconic Video Games Computers & Consoles list…..

What is iconic design?

A quick Google search reveals the following from TechnologyStudent.Com:

"An iconic design is usually a design that is ‘ground breaking’ and one that sets new standards in its field. 

It is a design that other designers and manufacturers follow, as it becomes a bench mark for other similar products. 

Furthermore, an iconic design is one that stands up to the test of time, remaining a good design, despite the passing of years, decades and even centuries."

So with this in mind let's choose our 

"Top 5 Iconic Designs"

5. GameBoy (1st Generation) - 1989 

The Gameboy stands the test of time as the ultimate handheld video games machine. 

This pocket dynamite is loved and cherished worldwide and is still modded and utilised by the Retrogaming community. 

This little plastic block of endless entertainment has a simple flawless design and is a true Nintendo design icon.

4. Super Famicom (JAP Version) - 1990

Nintendo stepped up the game with this rounded beauty back in 1990. 

The lovely curves on this machine are $exy and were like nothing seen before. 

Everything about this baby oozes beauty. Just stare at her and you will want to play. 

Don't get us started on those marvellous joypads…legendary!

3. Nintendo Game Cube - 2001

Maybe not the force that the N64 or SNES were but it looked great!

Yes we know it is just a cube, but it is a cube with form and purpose. 

It has a cool handle to carry it about with, it comes in different colours and it just looks cool. 

The Game Cube is both underrated in Video Games terms and Design terms….don't worry little cube we love you!

2. Spectrum 

Having lusted after the Spectrum for so long, the Speccy just had to feature on this list. This machine just looked so brilliant in black with it's beautifully tactile rubber keys. 

The machine itself was like a gateway to video games playing and coding and just looked great sitting by your portable TV ready to unleash it's power. 

Simple design but it still evokes those feelings of british bedroom coders from back in the 80's - VIVA THE SPECCY!

1. Atari 2600 (Woody) 


Show someone a 2600 woody and they will immediately think video games...

The design is timeless and it's still a sought after part of any serious collectors posessions. 

For us it was one of the first and the most iconic Video Games system ever made….


What In Your Opinion Is The Most Iconic Video Games System Of All Time?

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