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As Fallout fans wait with baited breath for some kind of a Fallout 4 announcement, it has gotten me thinking about what I would like to see included within the next fallout installment……

The Fallout world is massive and you can imagine any introduction of a new mechanic in the game must be an arduous undertaking.

But putting all that to one side, what would be on my Fallout 4 Wishlist?

Read On To Find Out More….

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Here's My Wishlists Of The Things That I Would Like To See Added To The Game World That I Think Would Benefit The Overall Gaming Experience Within Fallout…...

- Custom Weapon Modding 
Imagine if every bit of junk & salvage could be turned into a Weapon of some sort only confined by your imagination!

Add a stick and a knife together to create a spear and depending on your Custom Weapon skill depends on how good that creation is at inflicting damage.

Maybe once created, you could even name it something cool like "The Stick Of Truth!" or something not so bold such as "Sticky Stick!"

Hunting for items to create the thousands of weapon types would be a brilliant distraction to the standard gameplay and a great way to personalise your own Fallout experience.

- Traps Building For Defense and Food Gathering
Say you could dig a hole fill it with sharpened pieces of wood and then cover it with leaves to create your own pit trap.

That would be cool as you entice a DeathClaw to chase you and watch it fall to its demise in your very own custom built trap.

Maybe you could set up your own trip wires and wait in hiding? 

Maybe you could use traps to catch food? 

- Improved Companion Play & Control 
New Vegas introduced the companion command wheel for giving orders and interacting with your fellow companions, this could be better implemented to give the feel of more control over your companions. 

For example, in Mass Effect the real time control over companions is perfectly pitched so as you can command them on the fly. 

In Fallout it always felt like you were one turn away from losing your companion as they randomly ran off into the hills only to get stuck and never to be seen again!

- Camp Building / House Building 
Imagine being able to scout a nice location to build your very own camp. 

Building a base location and setting traps and alarm systems to warn of incoming dangers would be brilliant. 

Over time as you acquire more materials you could upgrade your camp to a house and make a fortress. 

When you leave your home you could leave some of your companions behind to guard the "fort" thus adding some further strategy to the game.

- Survival Skills (Cooking etc) 
Imagine catching something and then preparing it to be cooked. 

Depending on your cooking ability would depend how much HP you would get from that meal. 

Maybe using certain tools and adding certain ingredients would increase the HP of the meal. 

A cooking Mama Element to the Fallout Universe!!! :)

- Destructible Landscapes 
Inspired by Minecraft & Terraria I'd like to be able to dig into the landscape to create a cave of my own for a base or a camp. 

Or even digging down to discover certain items and elements that are essential to create certain in game items. 

This would be another dimension to the gameplay that I'd love to see that I think Minecrafters would also love!

- Online Co Op (safe zones / non safe zones) 
Maybe in your Game World there could be the option to open it up to other online players who can assist in your quests or share resources with. 

To prevent people just coming into your world and destroying all your hard work there could be designated safe zones where anyone firing off a weapon or committing a crime is expelled from the game / locked in jail. 

It would be a good way of getting your mates involved in your game world or even setting up a bit of a social event like day of Gekko Hunting!

- Transport 
I'd love to have the ability to salvage some of the old vehicles that are scattered around the wasteland in order to build some transport items like a 50's style car or a motorbike or even just a push bike. 

This would give a great alternative to walking the wasteland.

Another alternative form of transport could come in the form of certain beasties such as hitching a ride on a Cazador after you've tamed him!

- Recreational Activity 
I liked the ability to play the various casino games in New Vegas, so why not extend those recreational past times to a spot of Wasteland Golf or a game of Atomic Basketball. 

I'm sure that in the Wasteland there would be plenty of rooms for some football pitches!

- Multiple Equipped Weapons 
A pretty simple one but I think this would be effective. 
Being able to arm up to 3 weapons would be really cool. 

A Sidearm
A Knife
A Rifle 

These would be a great combo of weapons in battle adding in another tactical element to the combat system.

What Would YOU Like To See In Fallout 4?
(Let Us Know And We'll Try and Put A Word Into Mr Bethesda On YOUR Behalf!)

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