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Growing up watching Robin Williams' Films and great TV like Mork & Mindy has always meant that we have had a soft spot for the great man.

You might not know that Robin was also a Video Games player

With Robin passing away, the world lost an amazing actor and a brilliant comedian….

We're here to tell you all that the Video Games World Community also lost a gaming brother….

A gamer who loved video games just as much as you or I and a man who described himself as a hardcore gamer…

In a tribute to Robin Williams we will run through a list of some of Robin's favourite Video Games from over the years...

Call Of Duty - Robin enjoyed the COD series and really enjoyed playing the single player story mode.

World Of Warcraft - Again Robin actually enjoyed the single player storyline to WOW and this led to him completing the single player campaign

Portal - Robin had a love for clever games and Portal is most definitely that. He contributed to a Reddit Ask Me Anything session with a reveal of his love for  Portal

"We believe it's 2014? We're jumping now to different decades. The time portal will close soon! Another great game - PORTAL. That one is INSANE "

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Wizardry - Robin enjoyed pen & paper RPGs and Wizardy on the Apple II fitted right into that mould of game 

Half Life - We're glad to say that Robin loved Half Life just as much as we do…he said of Half Life 2 

"It’s like you’ve been seeing two-dimensional and now you can see 3-D. It’s incredible."

The Legend Of Zelda - 
Obviously Robin was a big fan of the Zelda series as he named his daughter after the princess. 

Robin also featured in the Ocarina Of time TV advert which he regarded as his fave game of all time.

It's a sad time in the Games Freezer office as we say goodbye to a truly great man…..

R.I.P Robin Williams

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