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This Tumblr Site from @joshmillard is Amazing...

I'm taken back into the world of graph paper and coloured pencils and my love for home made video games maps.

In my opinion the home made versions that were submitted into video games magazines like CVG and Mean Machines were simply the best....

Each map featured on MAPSTALGIA has been lovingly crafted and in some cases annotated with helpful tips like: "More Zombie Dogs!! Shoot EM!"

Most maps were created before the time of the in game map which is nowadays just a select button away from the player so as they can see where they are and where they need to get to. Back then it was a case of memorising dungeons and labrynths in order to safely negotiate those levels and then writing down what you had stored in your brain so as to help yourself when you played through again (which I always seemed to do back then) or even so as you could send it into CVG or Mean Machines.

The first map I remember creating using the graph paper n pencil method was an attempted map of the Wonder Boy In Monsterland Labrynth Final Level on SEGA Master System, that level was a b*tch and a map was definitely needed.

Josh Sums his cool site up perfectly in the following paragraph:

"Mapstalgia collects drawn, painted, sculpted, pixeled, et cetera'd maps of video game levels and worlds and scenes, recreated from memory, submitted by readers. We've all got this stuff taking up space in our heads, so why not put it on paper and share? "

If there was a book of these amazing maps available I would snap it up, but for now I'll have to settle for the next best thing which is…

Take A Look For Yourself And Let Us Know What You Think Of Josh's Cool Site..

Have YOU Got Any Maps To Submit To Josh?

If So, Get Them Into Josh TODAY!!

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