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Having Only Just Recently Got Into Playing The Walking Dead  Video Game 

I Have Now Been Exposed To The Episodic Video Games Genre For The First Time In My Video Gaming Career.....

So.....What's My Opinion On Episodic Video Games Then?

When I downloaded Season 1 Episode 1 Of The Walking Dead I didn't really consider there would be an imapct in the way I played the game due to the episode format that the game was made in. In my eyes this format shouldn't really make a difference. It was only when I got totally engrossed in the storyline that I realised how much of  a clever format this was. 

Obviously the format lends itself from the TV show of the same name and the many other blockuster TV shows such as LOST & 24. 

Exactly like those brilliant TV shows the Video Game builds up to a dramatic finale at the end of each episode and leaves you wanting more as you frantically download the next episode to get the next installment on your device (in my case onto my Android Nexus 7)

For Season 1 this was never an issue as I bought a reasonably priced season pass for around £9 and then worked my way through each episode. Each episode more gripping than the next. It was gaming perfection, I was  hooked!!

Once I'd completed Season 1 I hastily downloaded Season 2 for my Walking Dead Video Game Fix!!

Again I bought the season pass and picked the story up from where I left off at the end of Season 1. The great thing about Walking Dead is that all your actions and choices are carried over with you into the next season, having a direct impact on the story tree.

So Series 2 was up and running, there I was thrust into the apocalypse as Clementine, bravely battling Zombies and fraught group dynamics in a hell on earth scenario when my enjoyment was cut short!!

This is where I realised the potential pitfall of episodic gaming.......

Season 2 has got 5 episodes, a the point I bought Season 2, Android only had 3 episodes released, but I thought that by the time i'd worked my way through 1 to 3 there would be episode 4 & 5 waiting for me...

I was wrong.....very wrong in fact....

Episode 4 had been a bug bear of the Android community for a long while......Telltale Games had promised that Episode 4 was coming soon for what seemed like an age.

Every forum I went on was full of angry Androiders demanding answers!

I for one don't condone that kind of mob mentality online where people write reams of abuse at the poor moderators acting as the face of Telltale but I could kind of see where these angry gamers were coming from.

Telltale had drip fed all the episodes so far and gamers have been wrapped up in the amazing storyline and then ..... NOTHING......

"When is the Android version to be released?"


No comms from the guys at Telltale just infuriated the angry mob!

Especially as the iOS had already been released!

The iOS vs Android Fan Boys then started banging heads

"Serves you right for buying a cheap device Mr Android!"

"But there are more Androids in this world than people Mr iOS!!" 

And so the arguments raged!!

Meanwhile I was left scratching my head about the reasons for a late Android arrival. 

Obviously the problem with releasing games for Android is the sheer breadth of the Android variations.

Before Telltale can release a game on Android it has to be able to work on the plethora of devices with the correct spec!! 

iOS on the other hand must be like a dream...one standard operating system and it's all sorted....

So i found myself having sympathy for both Gamers and Telltale.

The gamers have shelled out their hard earned cash only for no communication to be forthcoming and Telltale are just trying to make  sure that they release the best game they can on the hardware......

Meanwhile I was just hoping that it would come out soon before I forgot what happened in episodes 1,2 & 3 as I was also trying to memorise the Breaking Bad plot at the same time it was a bit of a mental juggling act....

Anyway, episode 4 was released on Android last week. I have already finished it (it was great!) and I eagerly await the season finale in episode 5.

This time though, I wont bother with the forums, it will only upset me or make me forget what the hell happened in the first 4 episodes.

Overall though, I really like this format of Video Game, it really draws you in like a good Film or TV show.

I downloaded The Wolf Among Us on PS3 last week and gave that a go and I think Telltale once again have done an amazing job......

But I really think that Telltale need to learn that a message to the gamers is better than no message at all, even if they just say, "hold your horses we're working on it!"

Do You Like Episodic Gaming?

What Was The First Episodic Video Game You Played?

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