☆ Video Games Memories Part II - "Super Mario Kart - Battle Mode" ☆ #Retrogaming #GamersUnite

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So much has been written about the Mario Kart series over the last 20+ years

This game was and still is pure gaming perfection and was released on the console that Games Freezer still considers to be the pinnacle of video gaming fun and brilliance...

A video game such as Super Mario Kart is easy to play and hard to master much like all the greatest video games down the years

There's nothing that I can write here about this game that hasn't already been said and it's such an amazing video game that I would have to say that it has to sit in the TOP 10 all time greatest games.....BUT.....

I do have a brilliant gaming memory of this Super Nintendo Masterpiece that i'd love to share with YOU......

The beauty of Super Mario Kart was how much fun you could have playing literally every play mode. 1 Player was brilliant as you pit your wits against the computer controlled drivers (I was always Koopa Troopa). Then there was 2 Player which was split screen perfection. Then there was Time Trial which had you chase down the ghost of the fastest lap time.

THEN.......THERE WAS...........

BATTLE MODE............

Oh Battle Mode! This version of battle mode is THE BEST in any incarnation of the game since....

The arenas were perfectly designed and the tactics employed around the arenas varied from arena to arena. It was 2 player heaven and shed loads of FUN!!

So much fun that me and my mates would play Battle Mode endlessly in a bid to see who was king of the arenas.

It came to a point where we needed to decide who was the best out of our group of four players. It was then that we formulated our very own "BATTLE MODE BATTLE LEAGUE"

Maybe the only fault of the game is it doesn't have the ability to build a round robin Battle Mode Tournament....but HEY...that didn't stop us....

With pen and graph paper in hand we created our own league in which we were allotted our own drivers through a draw out of the hat. 

Those drivers we would need to stick with throughout the league season.

We also worked out a points system which saw 3 points allocated for a win. Then we had a metric that we called "balloon difference" which meant that the more balloons you had left left after a battle the more balloon difference you would acquire. Balloon Difference meant that in the event of a points draw in the league we would be able to work out a winner.....

Battle Mode Battle League nights would see us all crowd round the SNES & the TV playing Battle Mode till the early hours trying to get one up on your mate whilst preserving all your balloons for a +3 balloon difference.

Those Mario Kart memories are priceless and something that makes me smile to this day...

What Are Your Favourite Mario Karting Memories?

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