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☆ 2016 -The PS4 Diaries Part 20 "Fallout.....Fallout Never Changes" ☆ #PS4 #GamersUnite

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Saying that something never changes is not necessarily a slur or a derogatory remark against it and in this case, I'm happy to say it's a compliment. 


☆ What's On Your Fallout 4 Wishlist? ☆ @Fallout #GamersUnite #Fallout4 #Fallout

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As Fallout fans wait with baited breath for some kind of a Fallout 4 announcement, it has gotten me thinking about what I would like to see included within the next fallout installment……

The Fallout world is massive and you can imagine any introduction of a new mechanic in the game must be an arduous undertaking.

But putting all that to one side, what would be on my Fallout 4 Wishlist?

Read On To Find Out More….


☆Fallout New Vegas - Game Diary 7 "Sights Of The Mojave"☆ @Bethblog #GamersUnite #Fallout

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Now my stint in New Vegas is over it's time to reflect back on the Top 5 Sights & Sounds from the Wasteland of Fallout New Vegas….


☆Fallout New Vegas - Game Diary 5 "The Wasteland Is A Lonely Place"☆ #GamersUnite

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games freezer

Throughout the Fallout series you are given the option to bring along a companion for the ride and I am a great fan of companions as the Wasteland can be a very lonely place for the courier…


The companionship afforded by these select band of Wasteland heroes 

(& villains) is extremely valuable to the player in combat and funnily enough the additional person to share the load with means you form a lasting relationship with this person (if that’s possible).


It's an odd occurrence really as you begin to start really caring about these sharers of your experience, especially after you assist them with their very own side quest which invariably gives you some backstory on how they have managed to end up in the wasteland.


★Fallout New Vegas - Game Diary 4 "Weapon Of Choice"★ #GamersUnite

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Whilst marauding the Mojave Wasteland you get the opportunity to trial many superb weapons.

There are bog standard weapons like the .357 Magnum or the 9mm Pistol.

Then there's the slightly more advanced weapons like the Laser Pistol or the  10mm Machine Gun.

Not forgetting the fact that there's a whole plethora of melee weapons to utilise such as the humble baseball bat through to the Super Sledge and other quirky ,specially named melee weapons such as

Fist Of Rawr & Golden Gloves

After that you get the rarer versions of your standard weapon set which come affectionate names such as Annabelle and Lucky

Then there's the awe inspiring super destructive weapons such as the Missile Launcher or The Fat Man!

Over the course of the walkabout in Mojave you get attached to particular weapons.

Here's The Top 5 Weapons Of Choice that we make sure our hero, Dana, doesn't leave the vault without.......


☆Fallout New Vegas - Game Diary 3 - "Are You A Lock Picker OR A Computer Hacker?" ☆ #GamersUnite

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Games Freezer, Fallout New Vegas

In Fallout the Lockpick and Computer Hacking skills are art-forms…


Lockpick requires a steady hand as you tease the Bobby Pin inside the lock and try and find the right sweet spot to get the lock to open.


The harder the lock the tougher the sweetspot is to find which will get you entry into the forbidden area.


Computer Hacking on the other hand is a test of logic and problem solving as you scan the words and characters for a clue to the terminal password.


Within the jumbled characters and words there are a number of brackets which ,when in the right order and selected, will take away a 'Dud' password or even replenish your guess allowance.


With the guess allowance set at 4 the Computer Hacking is tough nut to crack as you search for that elusive pword and a <> or a ( )


Once you have cracked the code you then get to view the forbidden information that was being concealed away or even sometimes that terminal will give you access to a particular door that you may not otherwise be able to open.


☆"Fallout New Vegas" - Game Diary 1☆ #GamersUnite

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2 years after finishing Fallout 3 I decided it was time to be consumed by the post apocalyptic wasteland again.


Fallout New Vegas was my experience of choice this time and this time I've decided to trial the documenting of my Mojave Wasteland journey.


This could make for good video games journalism or it might just end up being tedious.......but I'll give it a go because I'm sure that buried within the Wasteland is a Story to tell.........


♥My Love Affair With Fallout 3♥ #GamersUnite

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It's been 3 years since I battled for over 100 hours in the Wasteland....

3 years since I scavenged dead bodies for my next bottle cap...

3 years since I savoured the refreshing taste of Nuka Cola....

3 Years since I crept around a spooky old abandoned building in search of a Pip Boy Bobblehead!

For me Fallout 3 was video games perfection. 

The most open of open world gaming experiences where you made the experience your very own. 

Fallout 3 gave you the free reign to create your very own Wasteland story and as you trod carefully around this most hazardous of environments you really felt vulnerable and excited at what possibly lay round the next corner or down the hole or cave.

At that point in time it was like no other video game I had ever experienced a truly eye opening experience as to what was really possible in a video game environment.

Two experiences really stand out for me...

The first was my initial encounter with "Raiders"  ! For those that don't know, Raiders are vicious individuals who kill for the thrill of it and prey on others in groups of ruthless gangs. 

As I strolled around the wasteland as a new escapee from vault 101 I located an old deserted super market called "The Super Duper Mart".

The Super Duper Mart looked ripe for exploring and potentially scavenging some important supplies so I armed myself with my trusty rifle and entered the building.

Little did I know that it was overrun by Raiders who were about to show me no mercy! 

At this point in my journey through Fallout 3 I was a puny character with not much skill in anything except maybe picking locks!! 

So as I entered bullet hell that was The Raiders in full flow I wasn't giving myself much chance until I stumbled across V.A.T.S and a cache of grenades!

I think the thing that sticks in my mind the most was how amazingly cool the camera work was when I managed to dispose of one of the evil Raiders by blowing his head off with a grenade in slow mo! 

Now I don't usually go for extreme violence in video games but this seemed like the Raiders deserved their mind blowing fate as they were unrelenting in their pursuit of was at this point that I realised Bethesda & Fallout 3 had got me.......I was in the Wasteland for the long haul!!

The other experience that really shaped my Wasteland experience was the side quest early in the game entitled THOSE!

A small boy called Bryan Wilks approached me in Grayditch and asked to help him find his father, who was trapped in the town infested with fire ants!

When I eventually found out that poor old Bryan's Dad was attacked and killed by Fire Ants it was time to try and exact revenge on those pesky creatures and as I entered the underground dwelling I realised exactly how puny I was as time after time after time the ants took me apart at will! 

It was a humbling experience that led me to understanding that The Wasteland is never forgiving and you have to earn your right to be good enough to stand up for yourself out there!

So after 3 years, why am I talking about two of my most memorable Fallout 3 experiences?

Well i'll tell you why.........

I'm about to re-enter the Fallout Universe in the form of "Fallout New Vegas"

It's been long enough and now it's time to give up another 100 hours of my life to one of the greatest games ever created........

Watch Out For My Tales From New Vegas As This Time I will Attempt To Document My Descent Into One Hell Of A Gaming World!

Let Us Know Your Favourite Fallout 3 Experience.....


What Was Your Favourite Part Of the Fallout Wasteland?


What Part Stays With You The Most?

Games Freezer


Games Freezer - Top 5 Video Games Of All Time

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Games Freezer
Everybody knows that this is an impossible task and one task that takes full concentration in order to distill 25 years worth of games playing into 5 all time great titles!

You may call us crazy but we have only gone and attempted it!

Having looked at all the machines we have played since 1979 we have pulled out the 5 games that have immersed us and pulled us into their grasp which has meant countless hours of gameplay have been poured into these 5 amazing games. 

Of course with only 5 Video Games spots to fill there are countless great games that didn't make the Games Freezer Top 5!

So here goes.......... 

5. NBA Jam Tournament Edition (Arcade) 

The game that made me into an Arcade junkie! I remember once taking a train with mates all the way to Brighton just to go and find the NBA Jam Tournament Edition Arcade box and play the 4 Player mode.......what a much fun with your mates. Bought it recently on the PS3 still loads of fun!

4. Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

A game that took my breath away. This was miles ahead of its time and like nothing else i'd seen before. The storyline and presentation was like a movie and the gameplay was ingenius! It really felt like you were an undercover operative sneaking about and disposing of enemy security guards with sneak attacks. I still own a copy of this as I can't bear to part with it!

3. Super Mario Kart (SNES) 

This game remained firmly lodged in my SNES until the time I sold it. Battle Mode was amazing and me and my friends actually created our own Battle Mode league complete with balloon difference points for the amount of balloons left on your Kart at the end of the match.

2. Fallout 3 (X360)

From the moment you step out of the Post Apocalyptic Vault and into the Wasteland, you are consumed by this game, over 100 hours of game time and I enjoyed every minute of it. A truly epic game.

1. Sensible Soccer (Amiga)

Over the years I have played many many football games and it was always the aim to play games that realistically simulated the beautiful game however, Sensible Soccer was a different breed , it's goal was to create a fun experience that could be played again and again and again and again and again. My personal favourite was scoring a diving header from the edge of the area with my microscopic player. A game that made me smile and still does. (closely followed by Sensible World Of Soccer)

So......Over to you.....
Are you up to the challenge of creating your own Top 5 All Time Video Games List?
It's a tough task and the GAMES FREEZER wants to know how you get on with compiling your Video Games List!

Richard - From The Games Freezer Basement in Essex

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