☆Fallout New Vegas - Game Diary 5 "The Wasteland Is A Lonely Place"☆ #GamersUnite

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Throughout the Fallout series you are given the option to bring along a companion for the ride and I am a great fan of companions as the Wasteland can be a very lonely place for the courier…


The companionship afforded by these select band of Wasteland heroes 

(& villains) is extremely valuable to the player in combat and funnily enough the additional person to share the load with means you form a lasting relationship with this person (if that’s possible).


It's an odd occurrence really as you begin to start really caring about these sharers of your experience, especially after you assist them with their very own side quest which invariably gives you some backstory on how they have managed to end up in the wasteland.

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During my travels through the Mojave Wasteland I have come across a few companions who now reside in the Lucky 38 Casino when we aren’t on our travels together (although Lily being a Super Mutant resides in JacobsTown.


So far I have made acquaintance with:

■ Lily Bowen
Lily is a friendly nightkin Super Mutant with homicidal tendancies!! She talks like your favourite Grandma but fights like the ultimate warrior!
She was previously an assassin in the Master's army and can therefore handle herself. She also turns invisible whilst crouching which makes her an ideal stealth companion.
We met in Jacobstown which is a friendly town of Super Mutants headed up by cool Super Mutant dude by the name of Marcus.
Once recruited, Lily was a brilliant companion and I had a tear in my eye when we parted ways.

Cass is a heavy drinking former caravan merchant. We met whilst she was  in the bar at the Mojave Outpost whilst she was getting stuck into the business end of a bottle of whiskey. Cass is a hotshot in battle and a worthy companion.
Her side quest is quite a compelling story about the attacks on the Mojave Caravans.

I met Veronica at the 188 Trading Post. At first it seemed she was just looking for adventure and then as her backstory unfolded I realised tha she was a disillusioned member of the Brotherhood who is a feisty fighter. Veronica is my current companion and is now a seasoned Wasteland brawler! (although she struggles against the
After finding Ed in Primm and fixing him up as he laid motionless in the Nash Residence he sprang into life.
The thing with ED-E is don't know too much more about him or why he's even in the game.
What I do know is that Ed is an Eyebot who contains some interesting information that the Brotherhood investigated.
When I talk to Ed he just beeps at me…….Ed isn't much fun at the minute, but hey maybe he'll lighten up after a few more wanders across the Wasteland….

After getting pally with the King in Freeside I took Rex on to try and get him a new brain as his was degenerating!

Once I'd got my canine pal a new brain, it seemed only right that Rex and I should form a partnership to roam the Wasteland. 

It's a little known fact that Rex served as a Police dog in Denver and even under the Legion in Mojave before eventually finding his way to The King in Freeside.

Rex is a fierce fighter…BUT..he doesn't like RATS or HATS!! 
(maybe because Hats rhymes with Rats)

There are other wanderers of the wasteland who I am yet to meet and I look forward to joining forces with them whilst also getting to know what makes them tick…..

The wasteland is a pretty lonely place when it's just you and you alone….

Who in videogames has been your favourite companion over the years? 

(Does The Dog In Duck Hunt Count?)

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