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There's games you enjoy playing that are just great fun and you can't put down until they're complete or you just plain give up!!


Once you put those games you may never think about the again unless someone mentions them or you randomly stumble across them one day.....these games have their place





These are the games that make you realise WHY you love to play video games

These are the games that remind you how powerful video games can be

These are the games you will NEVER forget and from that moment on form part of your core gamer DNA, forever ingrained in your conscience and all the Video Gaming you undertake from that moment forth.....

Do you want to take a look at the 5 Games That Made ME the gamer that I am today?

This Is Going To Be Tough To Do......But I Think I've Got It.......


"When I first played this game I just couldn't believe that the C64 was capable of such a feat of beauty. It seemed to me at the tender age of 10 years old that i'd stumbled across some kind of open world game where it asked you to actually use your brain and your gamer skills to try and beat the game. It was to me exactly what i'd wanted to play all my life even though at the time I didn't actually know it"

"I never realised that computer games could be so beautiful and so funny until I played Monkey Island 2. The seemingly limitless things to collect and use to solve puzzles really blew my mind. To this day this game is beautiful, the pinnacle of a Lucas Arts style game that in my mind has never been bettered. It grew my love of Point N Click adventures to a ridiculous level and meant that I also played Indiana Jones & the Fate Of Atlantis until my mouse bled....."

"The first time I played this I went into it expecting to play another First Person Shooter, but it did come highly recommended. At the time I thought "How can this FPS be that good? If you have ever played this game....YOU will know that this is more than "Just Another FPS" Simply amazing, absorbing and damn right awesome HL2 sucks you in, surprises you, makes you care and utterly stays with you whenever you play any other game. This is the game that influenced every other game since" 

"My first introduction to BioShock was a You Tube Trailer that meant I needed to own this game immediately......This love letter to the world of rapture brings to life a violent and yet strangely beautiful place as you slowly unfold and discover the secrets of this doomed utopia. It's a marvel of game making and a place and a storyline that you will find hard to shake from your mind....No Matter How Hard You Might Try....."

1. Fallout 3 - XBOX 360

"This game opened my eyes.....

Fallout 3 truly feels like you have choice in the truest sense of the word....

A massive open world where you can create your own stories and folklore as you choose how you want to be remembered in the wasteland...

The thing with this game is you always feel like there is a consequence to your actions, whether you feel that consequence at the time of the action OR maybe you'll feel it at a later stage of the game.

NPC's remember your actions.

Friendships are forged and companions are lost.

Every corner you turn has something else for you to discover, loot, be scared of, fight, decide, scavenge, shoot, run.......

The world is immense and your actions never ending.....
A masterpiece of story telling and immersive video gaming...Just Perfect"

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