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Growing Up On A Healthy Diet Of  

The Young Ones & BOTTOM 

The Games Freezer Team Were Deeply Saddened To Hear Of The Passing Of A Comedy Hero In The Form Of Rik Mayall…..

His partnership with Ade Edmondson formed the basis of a love of silly comedy that lives on to this day....

Not to mention Rik's cameo role in Blackadder as Flashheart was truly epic and the stuff of legend…..

It is with a sad heart that we salute you 

Rik Mayall….. R.I.P

In honour of Rik we have dug into the vaults to somehow dig out some Rik Mayall related retrogaming goodness in the form of the following……

The Young Ones Video Game


Would you believe that there was a "The Young Ones" Video Game released back in 1986!

The aim of the game was to move out of the Young Ones house with all the chosen character's belongings in the shortest amount of time

The possessions are hidden around the house, and players need various tools to get to them. 

The other characters who inhabit the house move around the, behaving in-character and attempting to make the game harder.

The Young Ones them had to be changed due to difficulty in licensing the original series music from the BBC and therefore an alternative music sound track was commissioned to sound similar to the original theme. 

10,000+ copies of the game were sold in 1986 but apparently due to bugs in the software, it was actually impossible to complete the game!

We never played the game but we like the idea of the game and would love to see a 2014 reboot! (although looking at the review scores from the magazines at the time it was a pretty poor game to say the least! )

The Nintendo Adverts

The next Rik Mayall video game moment from his varied career was a series of brilliant adverts at the time when SEGA & NINTENDO were battling it out in the most famous "Console War" ever!

Rik's series of adverts were brilliant and had a British sense of humour built in that made them even cooler to a 13 year old kid at the time.....

Looking back on them now they are still brilliant and make us want to play SNES right now!

Take a look at some of these great Nintendo adverts that Rik starred in and see what you think....

Rest In Peace Rik ...... 

Your Comedy Will Stay With Us All Forever

Retrogaming, Rik Mayall


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