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When we were young a trip to the local Computer Games Shop meant we were presented with reams and reams of cassette games for Commodore 64, Spectrum, Atari XE/XL and many other cassette based systems.

The overriding memory though were the sheer amount of different publishers that were plastered all over these various different cassette tape boxes.

When we hear one of these publisher names now we are transported back to those times when you spent hours pondering what to spend your hard earned pocket money on and then normally plumped for a game on the basis of what the box art looked like or what the written spiel on the back said.

So let us take you on a trip down Publisher Memory Lane from the heady days of Tape Cassette Video Games as we reveal our 

Top 5 Favourite Software Publishers.......


Noteable Game: Bomb Jack

Cassette Box:

Loading Screen...


Noteable Game: Rainbow Islands

Cassette Box:

Loading Screen...


Noteable Game: Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge

Cassette Box:

Loading Screen...


Noteable Game: Spellbound Dizzy

Cassette Box:

Loading Screen...


Noteable Game: Beach Head

Cassette Box:

Loading Screen...

Hopefully Thats Brought Some Memories Back Of Just Some Of The Publishing Greats From All Those Years Ago.....

Which Publishers Were Your Favourites?

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